Five Disadvantages Of Having Sex During Pandemic

Topics about sex are taboo in a conservative society and one cannot avoid receiving a stern look and raised eyebrows when these topics are openly discussed. Let’s face it, in times of pandemic, sex is the least that we should worry about. But is it really the case? So here is my list of the disadvantages of having sex during the pandemic and how we can workaround it.

1. Lower Libido

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

According to Jen Gunter, an obstetrician, and gynecologist,  “Depression and anxiety have a negative effect on libido. Some people are out of work, too, and unemployment can affect sexual desire.”

There’s no exact cure for this but perhaps listening to music ( instrumental saxophone is a plus) and engaging in sensual massage can do wonders for your dwindling libido. The slippery feel of the oil against your skin can also help relieve tight muscles and stress.

2. Increased Chances of Getting Pregnant

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Being with your partner 24/7 at home can also increase the chances of having sex and getting pregnant. While this may be the perfect time for couples who are planning to have a baby, the Philippine Department of Health, however, urges couples to avoid unplanned pregnancies and practice protected sex instead. 

Getting substantial health care and pre-natal check-ups during pandemic are challenging as most hospitals are full and medical personnel are exhausted. Pregnant women are also highly susceptible to the virus. The very least we can do right now as responsible parents is to practice safe sex.To decrease the chances of getting pregnant, the use of contraceptives is strongly advised. One may opt for natural or artificial family planning methods depending on preference. 

If you need more options, you may seek family planning advice by calling Telimed Management and Medgate at (02) 8424-1724, and Globe Telehealth Inc (KonsultaMD) at (02) 7798-8000, which is free for Globe and TM users (these are applicable to Metro Manila residents only).

3.  Lack of Privacy

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova

With kids off from school and lingering around the house, chances of having privacy with your partner is limited. Kids needing assistance from their school work can eat up your time and the moment they’re off to bed, your energy has depleted. So how can you take care of the kids without compromising your time with your partner?

You may seek help in handling the workload by taking turns in doing the household chores with your partner. You can also set a schedule for the kids to follow so that you can still allot time with your husband for some intimate moments. And when your partner complains about the household chores, tell him that rewards await for his good deed.

4. Absence of Excitement

Let’s admit it, being with your partner this whole lockdown scheme can definitely decrease excitement. When you get too comfortable around him, seeing him in his most unattractive state (no haircut, same clothes the whole day, no bath, etc), and arguing with him can sometimes decrease the thrill . But don’t fret as we can find an antidote for this. 

Schedule for a romantic date when the kids are asleep. You can wear your favorite dress and make-up. Spray your favorite perfume generously and use your living room as venue for that date. It will definitely rekindle the fire between you and your partner.

For the menu, you don’t need to spend a great deal if budget is restricted. You can make use of any ingredients that you can find in your pantry. Allow your creative juices to flow and let Gordon Ramsay envy you. But if all else fails and you can hardly make a decent meal, you can always turn to your ever-reliable canned sardines from the relief goods you have received. You see, it’s not the meal your husband is looking forward to. It’s the dessert. Always the dessert. 

5. Getting Too Much Sex

Photo by Stokpic

Well, who can complain if one is getting too much? But then again, it’s always the quality and never the quantity. Sex should be satisfying, enjoyable, liberating, and fun. Sadly, this is not the case for most women who carry the burden of accomplishing all the household chores and managing the family. 

Guilty or not, there are times that we would rather do household chores than making love with our partner. Oftentimes, at the peak of climax, our minds are rather bombarded with these thoughts “ Did I turn off the gas stove, how about the rice cooker? Where did I place my quarantine pass?” 

All of us are going through this pandemic and each one of us is reacting differently. So ladies, let’s not be hard on ourselves. It’s okay to say that you need to be satisfied too. So don’t be shy and tell your partner that. If you are not in the mood, I guess your partner deserves to hear that.

On a serious note, sex should not be forced. Sexual violence and abuse are tab but it needs to be addressed especially during this time. Do not hesitate to call help if you are experiencing one. Although the coronavirus is scary, leaving home for your safety and the welfare of your children is more important.

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Sheila Mae A. Herrera

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