Factory worker in Taiwan at the age of 20

Applying in Taiwan is one of the best decision I’ve ever made

Year 2015, I’m 20 years old when I tried to apply abroad. It takes 7 months for me to get to Taiwan. I don’t feel sad when leaving the country even when I saw my family is crying sending me to the airport. Maybe because I’m too Excited to my Taiwan Journey. Being a factory worker is not easy. I worked in Taiwan as a Machine Operator. Normally I operated 12 machines but when my partner is on break I operated her/his machines too, a total of 24 machines for 3 x break time (30 mins, 1 hour and another 30 mins) we can’t have our break time at the same time. It’s hard at first but when I knew the technique it will get easy most especially when we are helping each other. Every day they can assigned us to a different process, some process are easy, some are hard. That is why we need to know all the process. And its up to me how can I find a way to make it easy. To be honest its just the break time that makes me really tired.

There are also times that I made a mistake, of course, I’m just a human and it’s normal for them to get mad and scold at me. I understand but  I can’t help myself not to cry because I feel embarrassed and hurt at the same time. Taiwanese speak so loud even when they are not mad how much more if they are. And for them, saying “you’re stupid” is not a big deal. I don’t know if they really understand what does it mean. But that’s life you just need to learn the lesson in every situation

But I’m so blessed with my company I worked on before. We have 2 different schedules morning shift and night shift. Most of Pinays chose to work night shifts because of the night differential. When there’s rest day overtime and  I’m on a night shift. I worked 12h a day 28 days a month. My salary reaches 47000nt. Yeah, this kind of schedule is so tiring because you have only 2days rest day for the whole month, but having overtime is not everyday, so if there’s an overtime, my answer is always YES!  But when no rest day overtime 12 hours a day 15 days a month and I’m on the morning shift. My salary is 16500nt only. In 2 years’ time, I was able to renovate our home. It’s hard because the first year is for the money I lend from the agency. I lend 100k for the placement fee but I paid it for almost 170k I think for 1 year.

On my 1st year my salary is divided for the Lending, my family monthly allowance, and my allowance for the whole month since Taiwan’s salary is once a month. The 2nd year is for Renovation, my familys monthly allowance and my allowance. I worked in Taiwan for 2 years and 6 months. but I had to break the contract because I got pregnant. My boyfriend at that time is also working there but he’s in a different company.

Perks of working abroad you can go enjoy their views, environment, food and culture

Now I’m a full-time mom to my one year and ten months old baby boy. We have our own home. My husband is still working in Taiwan and it’s his 2nd contract. I hope that I can work at home soon so he can come home too.

Taiwan is a beautiful and one of the most disciplined country. You must try to come and visit. And also try their food like milk teas, stinky tofu, chicken, xiao long bao, takoyaki, and many more. Thank you


Jasmin Osados


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