ECQ Perks for a Working Mom

Some days are better, some days are worse. Look for the blessing instead of the curse. Be positive, stay strong, and get enough rest. You can’t do it all, but you can do your best.

Actually, this is my first ever blog entry. I’ve chosen a topic that I currently enjoy despite the COVID crisis that the whole world is facing right now. It just made me realized that there are other things that I really wanted to do for the longest time. The inner me just kept on pushing it back, erasing it on my calendar because as a Store Manager and a part-time ESL tutor, I am really busy. Now here comes the year 2020 and someone magically hit the stop button really hard. Staying at home is strictly implemented to contain the virus that shows no mercy at all.

One of the contributions that I have to help avoid spreading the virus is to keep myself productive at home and to take advantage of doing things that are long overdue.

So, here are the things that keep me happy and occupied in these times:

ESL tutor job, I didn’t think that this is a wise decision until now. I started my ESL journey last year, this is out of curiosity and yes, I am just finding a new challenge and learning. I am not super serious in plotting schedules since I have a stable job already. I just do it for the feeling of accomplishment in helping children learn in my own simple ways. It is super beneficial to me when unexpectedly we experienced a lock down. I feel blessed and thankful because I can still support my family financially even if my other job can’t sustain its financial support because it is not operational also.

Netflix, there are a lot of good movies and series that will raise your heartbeat in this provider. Here are some of the series that will cause dark eye bags if I watch it at night. Money Heist, Crash Landing On You ( Yes, I am not a fan before, but this one gives me the giggles and good vibes), How to get away with murder, Kingdom, Sabrina, and Prison Break.

Books, after decluttering I just saw how many books are waiting to be read. I am a bookworm when I was young and this time I found the urge to enrich my knowledge and vocabulary with reading. I even downloaded eBooks that are lined up for reading also.

Up-skill, use the free time to learn something new. It can be baking or trying out something new like enrolling in online classes. Honestly speaking this blog is a part of our activity for our General Virtual Assistance training. It is quite a challenge but I’m happy to do it. It will help us to find a niche on this or prepare us when we become real VAs. Self-improvement is the key here.

Lastly, but the best thing that happened to me this lock down is the time given for me to spend it with my son and family. We eat together, we attend the online mass every 6 pm praying that this crisis will soon end. I get to teach my son with his writing, reading, and math. We played. I even witnessed his first tooth that fell off. A milestone.

These are some of the things that kept me occupied during COVID crisis, of course, we still have our daily mommy duties. I am planning also to learn how homeschooling works, I might write a blog about it after my experiences and research on how to do it. I am also open for suggestions because learning never stops at home, with or without classes in school, we should be prepared as moms, the first teachers.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. Thank you giving some time to read this. See you in my next blog post!

-Mommy JM Tumacas

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