Choosing to be a VA – My Right Choice Indeed

choices are chances to change

Our lives are characterized by the possibility to choose: since we get up, we make choices, for example by deciding whether to have breakfast or not,to drink coffee or milk, etc.

Making the right decisions is critical to giving direction and meaning to our life.  Sometimes it can be very difficult to make the right choice and you can easily be knocked by a thousand doubts that hinder the decision process.  

Every moment is the result of a decision and each of us is the result of decisions made over time.

I know I made the right choice when I decided and determined to learn the Virtual assistance world.  I opted for this because I wanted to stay at home and be a full-time mom for my Baby. There were doubts inside my head because I know I have to help my husband with our financial needs. Leaving abroad with a house to rent, a car to maintain, children to raise and prepare for their university expenses, I know this won’t be a bed of roses. 

 The first step I made was to get in touch with my heart.

Follow your heart and make it your decision.

 The heart knows the way to go.  Too often we prefer to listen to the brain, analyzing the pros and cons of each situation and ending up losing sight of the emotional thrust that should animate our choice.

 Choosing with rationality can be useful in minimizing risks, but it leads many times to unhappiness.

 It was essential to me to try to listen to my own inner voice and let myself be guided by it. 

 The world is full of people who have had the courage to make important choices, sometimes going against everything and everyone, but most of these people have a smile on their faces, because they have listened to their hearts and nothing else.

I am determined to have that  same smile on my face too while enjoying the fruits of my choices. I know the road won’t be as smooth as it would be, but I am ready. Having my two lovely daughters and  my ever supportive husband as my inspirations  and the unfathomable love and grace of the Lord, I know the choice I am making is worth all the sacrifices.

 Having your family as your motivation in life just helps you keep going and striving for the best. Ever since the day I had my first baby, my priority shifted to her utmost good. I sometimes forgot about myself, but it’s okay, because knowing it made my daughter happy makes me the happiest.

They are my greatest gifts.

I am starting my VA journey full of hopes and aspirations not just for me but specially for my family. All these determination inside me is coupled with lots of prayers. My heart is pounding for this new phase of my life but at the same time, I am serene too, for I know and believe that in this journey I am bringing with me the Lord’s promises of guidance and abundance which I would love to share too to everyone whom I will encounter along this beautiful and exciting journey.

Let the journey begin.

Karen Galas

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