Banker’s Dilemma

It’s not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It’s the customer who pays the wages.”-Henry Ford

Whenever you’re in the bank and waiting for your queue, feeling the comfy ambiance of the four corners and peeking once in a while of your smartphone since you were advised to turn off your phone while inside the premises and staring at the ladies working. Maybe you’re wondering what is behind that beautiful made up faces, well groomed hair and a pleasant smile. Are they enjoying their job? Do they receive a good pay? Is being a banker is like any other ordinary job? 

Before we go to our respective cubicle it is a must for us to do some routine act. Proper make up, groomed hair and take note it should be appealing. Always wear a smile is a protocol. Clients come and go. They are the reasons why we exists. They are the favored ones. Different characters, breeding and temperaments are revealed .We are the one who will understand, adapt and conform to their standards .Clients can be warmhearted or mean.

Sometimes your level of relationship with them goes beyond friendship. Others give us favors, beneficial for our own advantage .Conversing with them is like a family. Others become your real best friend. Talking about mean clients, they can be your lesson learned or a nightmare. When they shout on your face, you’re not allowed to avenge back. Nothing you can do but to listen. Amicable explanation with a pleasing face should be expressed. When over payment to client occur and was denied by them, there’s no other option but to shoulder the monetary consequences It is so heartbreaking when a hard-earned money was spent for that incident. Negligence on our part or an evil motive of a mean client is always depressing to us. Accept the fact that customer are always right.

Do I still love the job? My answer is yes without hesitation. It became my bread and butter for more than 2 decades. It gave me comfortable life and prestige that people look up to. Time past by and you did not notice that you are aging and still with the company you’re in. Feeling happy with colleagues and doing your very best each day. Happy memories indeed.

Maria Carina Dalmacio

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