A Life of Food Delivery Rider

“Many are of the mindset that a door will open for them one day. That is great, but what if no door opens for you in quite a long time?
Do you continue to wait, or find an alternative?
My answer to you is to learn to create your own door. By so doing, you will create a future for yourself, and thus you can have control over your life and be the driver of your destiny.”
― Oscar Bimpong

Some of you have an experience ordering at Food Mobile Application such as GrabFood, FoodPanda, and other online applications. But do you know what the riders facing challenges just to follow the instruction you give?

Now Let me give you an idea of the life of a Food rider. When you finish placing an order and give all the instruction you want we will just put our phone at the side and continue what are we doing right? But when the Rider arriving at the Restaurant at that moment that is the start of a struggle of the rider because of the instruction that we give like please add some cheese, put more vegetables on my burger but no pickles, and more chili and half-cooked meat only! But the restaurant said that there is an additional fee for your request for cheese and additional vegetables, so the rider will call you just to inform you about the additional fee but the rider can’t contact you because your not giving attention to your phone to think that you placed an order and give special instruction to your food so rider can’t proceed your order just because you’re not answering your phone! So instead of 15-30mins waiting time for the food, the rider needs to wait for another 10-15mins for your order, so when your order finally came the rider will go to the location you put on the address you provide but when the rider arrives at your address the rider call you that he is already there but you said that the address is wrong that you are more than 5km far from the pin location you provide! So another wasting time, effort, and Gasoline to the rider. Take note, the rider will be the who Pay the bill first, then when the rider arrives then you can now pay the amount of total bill including the delivery Fee.

Another Scenario of rider experience every day some of the stupid people placing the order at Some fast Food Chain when the rider finally placed your order and pay, The driver will go to your address you provide but when the rider arrives on the place you just telling to the rider it’s just a Fake booking or no show eater!
So a rider has a no choice but to go home with the food you tripping to book not thinking that the money of the rider he provides just to buy your order is just a joke to you!
You’re wasting the time and effort of the rider just to deliver your order on time even the road is slippery because of the hard rain!

That is the everyday life of a Delivery Rider but some people appreciate the effort of a rider especially on this time of Enhanced Community Quarantine because of Covid-19 some of the establishment ave limited hours to go to the supermarket, to Drugstore, and other restaurants our Frontliner Rider’s is willing to serve you!

And also Some of the Riders build a Charity group each member contributes to giving some food to our Front liners and especially to homeless people!

Edilyn Surigao

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