The Bright Side of Depression

Probably most of us when we hear depression one thing that comes up with our minds is a person locked up in a dark room just alone by himself. But one thing I learned from my personal experience is beyond that definition.

After I gave birth in 2015, I had this feeling that can’t be explained and long I knew I was experiencing postpartum depression. I had this feeling of guilt in myself and other emotions I can’t explain. But with the help of my husband, I was able to conquer it.

Never I imagined that depression will hit me again in 2018. I and my husband was experiencing a financial crisis at that time and my mother was sick, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a very difficult experience for me because my son was 3 years old at that time which needs a lot of attention and we are residing overseas particularly here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which means we are just on our own. It was really very hard to open up what you are feeling even to my husband. As days pass by, can’t sleep and no appetite, my husband confronted and convinced me to seek help with a doctor and open a counseling to our spiritual parents ( we are part of a born-again Christian Church). Seeking help with a medical professional here is somewhat a struggle since he is not a Filipino and language barrier is an issue. I was given medication to ease the symptoms that I am experiencing. We also had our counseling and made myself involved in all of our Church activities that made all done smoothly. Later I did know that my doctor decided to gradually stop my medication since he was able to assess my improvements. 

Nothing compares a good conversation with a family that gives comfort

It was roughly after eight months that I was totally out of medication. At first, I was a bit worried and thinking of too many “What IF’s”. At the end of the line, my realization is that prayer and seeking God to intervene in your life is the most powerful help you can get during these times. I never imagined myself today without the help of God overcoming all those trials. My mother passed away in November 2018 and I was very thankful that God comforted me all the way. 

Truly depression has given me the bright side of the definition of it. It made me closer to God and build myself again. At first, I am very hesitant to share my experience but made me realize that I should bless others by giving the LIGHT to what they are experiencing. 

Here are some my checklist which I believe be of help:

  1. Talk to someone – husband or wife, family, and friends
  2. Seek medical help
  3. Make yourself busy at points that you are feeling very low
  4. Try to switch the mode of music you are listening to Christian songs
  5. PRAY and let God take care of your worries
Don’t be afraid to share
Reach out and open up!

Let us enjoy life to what God has given us!

Kathleen Mae Bojos

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