We all know that almost all schools nationwide have closed their institution due to the Covid19 pandemic. And as a parent, I am just worried that my kids can no longer keep up the learning.

Our government has extended the enhanced community quarantine and propose an online class for students, most especially those school with classes that are not over yet.

Good thing that I enrolled them in a school that caters online classes wherein students can take their lectures, activities, homework, and even projects at the comfort of their home. I know that this is a very stressful and unpredictable time for us, but this is one of the ways that our children can still pursue education. If you are still hesitant of enrolling your kids in an online class, perhaps understanding the pros and cons might help you make a good decision.

The Pros of Online Classes


Kids don’t need to rush from waking up early just to reach the 7 am class. Presence in school is no longer needed. Students are flexible to study in terms of where, when, and how would they want to learn.


An online class is cheaper compare to enrolling your kids in school. Aside from the tuition fee, you have to pay for the facilities and miscellaneous of the institute. Whilst the online class, you save money from obtaining textbooks, accommodation, food and transportation.


Sometimes students prefer to continue their studies at home. This restricts the need to travel, which means time and cost savings. Moreover, some students also get easily sidetracked by the sounds and noises that surrounds them. But studying at home can establish a quiet space. Allowing them to get focused on their lessons.

Cons of Online Classes

Less Social Interaction

One of the disadvantages of an online class is the lack of social interaction. It makes it difficult to participate in classroom discussions and gain new perspectives.  Social interaction is a huge part of the whole school experience. This is the time and place to make new, lifelong friends and learn crucial social skills. Having a face-to-face experience in a traditional classroom helps students to impart a sense of community and belonging. You will have a direct connection with your teachers and classmates during discussion wherein it could enlighten them in understanding a certain topic, and develop teamwork skills.

Lack of Discipline

Students that lack self-discipline struggles to maintain motivation and stay on track when studying and completing their homework. Having the benefit of flexibility and convenience of online classes leaves much more room to procrastinate. They don’t have a standard meeting time and no regular, direct interaction with teachers and peers who can remind them of their assignments and push them to work harder. As a result, they might fall behind and ultimately fail their tests and assignments.

Technological Issues

Online classes are completely done through the computer. However, if technical problem occurs, they will have a difficulty in completing their tasks on time. And it is going to be a major disadvantage when deadline arrives.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to studying online. Whether this is the better option for you, it depends on your personality and learning style.

Rheanne G. Repuyan

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