My journey of motherhood

Being a mother is the most fulfilling yet underrated job. Most of the time people just thought that our job as a mother is easy and smooth sailing all the time. They don’t know the pains behind our smile and the tears that we shed as part of our journey in motherhood.

Let me tell you my own journey as a mother. I’m a mother of two children, the eldest is a 17 years old female. While my second child is a 3 year old boy. My eldest was raised up and taken care of by my mother mostly since I was still young at that time and I was focused on  my work. She grows up to be a fine lady and she’s very close with her grandmother. They say that whoever raised you and took care of you as a baby, he/she will have a special place in your heart and that is true for my daughter and even for me. My grandfather also helped my mother in taking care of me while I was still a baby. I was hard to take care of because I had asthma when I was born up until my elementary days. That’s why I’m really grateful to my mom and Lolo Felix for taking care of me and for raising me up.

When my 2nd child(Zane) was born, that’s the time that i actually experienced how to be a hands on mom and motherhood became a reality for me. When I first held Zane, I felt a strong bond  with him immediately and an inexplicable joy that I never felt before. We’ve been praying and waiting for this moment to have a second child and God answered our prayer by giving us a son. I decided to give up my job so I can spend more time with my baby and to be able to take care of Zane myself. I  felt a supernatural strength to take on my new responsibility of being a mother. 

But my journey with Zane was never easy especially during his first year. Zane was diagnosed to have inherited my asthma  and it was during his first year in this world that he had several asthma attacks. I remembered all those sleepless nights just making sure that he is alright. I only slept 3-4 hours a day and I remembered lifting it all to God to give me strength each day. I also breastfeed Zane but only for 3 months since I ran out of milk. I drank all kinds of herbal drinks like malunggay drinks just to increase my milk supply but unfortunately my milk stopped. I also remembered some misunderstandings with my husband caused by stress and lack of sleep.

But I can say that in the end, all my sacrifices, all those sleepless nights and even the exhaustion were all worth it when i see my baby now all grown up and healthy. Motherhood is a tough job but I will never trade it for anything in the world.

The two love of my life…

Salute to all the mothers out there!

Christine S. De Guzman
To God be the Glory

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