Farming in Suburban Area

On March 15, 2020 President Rodrigo Duterte placed the entire Island of Luzon under ” enhance community quarantine ” (ECQ). Lots of business establishments were forced to close and workers were deprived of their livelihood. While the Philippine government is doing its fair share to feed the people, our food supply chain has been burdened. We should not rely on the government to do everything for us. We should do our share if we are to survive this challenging times.

Government has put out programs available to the people. The Department of Agrarian Reform is offering free vegetable seeds to whoever is interested. We can take advantage of this program to feed us and make an impact in saving our environment. We can use plastic containers to plant these seeds. We can start talking to our barangay or town officials to use idle government land or private properties for food production. Displaced workers can participate in this program by providing labor that would be needed. All participants in this program should share with the harvest and excess products can either be donated or sold and the money earned should be divided equally among member participants.

The human race is faced with a lot of challenges at this junction. Besides the pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 virus, our environment also needs rejuvenation. For the people living in the metropolis a noticeable change in the air they breath has been observed ever since the ” enhance community quarantine” (ECQ) was declared. We could attribute this to the lower carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. High carbon dioxide emission makes our ozone layer thinner. One solution to this is to make the planet green again and this could be achieved thru planting.

With the extension of the “enhance community quarantine” (ECQ), and no end in sight, we can be part of the solution to the problems we are confronted with. With this in mind the proposals or suggestions I’am offering should be implemented with compliance with the rules and guidance of the interagency task force for COVID-19 like physical distancing and the wearing of face masks. In our own small way we can make a difference.

Jerame Vicedo.

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