Changing Lifestyle Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Our Transformation

“A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.”

We have been boyfriend/girlfriend for 9 years and married for more than 2 years now. Ever since, our interest is to visit restaurants and try different foods from buffets, unlimited wings, unlimited pizza and pastas, and fast foods. We both love eating which became our bonding together for the past decade. Who doesn’t love eating anyway?


It all began when I and my husband realized one day that we are just starting to build our own family thereby we have to be healthy not just for ourselves but for the sake of our child/children. 

My husband Bryan is 27 years old obese with hypertension at that moment, I am 28 yrs old obese with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome also known as PCOS. Both are lifestyle diseases through improper eating habits. 

Thereafter, he had normal check-up test results but the doctor couldn’t find the reason for his high blood pressure. I am diagnosed with PCOS since 2015 which made me prone to pre-diabetes and ovarian cysts/cancer. Experiencing a lot of PCOS symptoms such as irregular periods, insulin resistance, hair fall, infertility and anxiety. These diseases are not curable, merely maintenance, medicines and pills could relieve the symptoms. But the greatest and only solution to reverse it is through changing our lifestyle.


It was September 1, 2019 when we decided to avoid eating rice, totally no rice from that day. It’s not that difficult since we still able to eat what we crave apart from rice. We did not adjust much then. We continue eating breads and pastas. A month later, we both lost 4 kg and we’re so excited and motivated. It’s all worth it, this is it! We taught that our diet is really working in those days.

The entire month of August 2019, our body gets used to the diet. This point, there was no weight loss but at least we feel strong and healthy. Back in our mind, what went wrong? Why did we stop losing weight? I’m determined to find the answers so I keep on researching about it.

INTRODUCTION TO LCIF WOE (Low Carbohydrates and Intermittent Fasting Way of Eating)

November 10, 2019,  surprisingly while browsing online, someone posted the link of the group LCIF. I can’t remember exactly his name but he mentions about an effective diet. Out of curiosity, I went to that group page, joined, read and even watched coach dave’s youtube videos on how to start LCIF. Finally I found out what we lacked on our diet. We learned that we should avoid all kinds of carbs including breads and pastas while doing fasting to burn more fats in our body easily. 

“If it doesn’t challenge you, It won’t change you.” -Fred Devito

LCIF group proves to us that there is still hope to become a healthier you and nothing is impossible if you have faith and determination to change your life to a better one.

Basic Guidelines to an Effective LCIF Weight Loss

Low Carbs Way of Eating

Maximum of 20 g Carbs a day (strict diet)

Eat Only Eggs, Meat, seafoods and some vegetables.

Strictly no sweets, no sodas, so junk foods, no starches like bread and only limited fruits. 

“Eat as much as you want when you’re hungry and stop when you are full”.

Intermittent Fasting

Your body will give you a signal when to start fasting, it takes about 3 months of LC WOE.

16:8 ratio for beginners (16hours fasting, 8hours eating range)

20:4 TMAD (two meal a day)

23:1 OMAD (one meal a day) 

Longer fasting hours for faster weight loss

Home Work-out (depends on you)

No work out at all is also fine

3 times a week or once a day to firm your body

Heavy work-out for faster weight loss.

Keys to an Effective Weight Loss

Support system– you need a support system when you are trying to make positive lifestyle changes. Luckily I have my partner forever as my core support. We support each other in everything that we do.

Self-Discipline– The road may be hard but the results are priceless. Self-discipline is the strongest form of self-love. It’s loving yourself enough to give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted. 

Determination“The power of determination will make you unstoppable.”

Motivation– Find something that ignites your desire to push forward.

Inspiration– Every experience and journey in the LCIF community is my inspiration. Hoping that someday we become an inspiration to others too.

Goals“Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there.”- Bo Jackson

Trust on the process– Slowly but surely. Every day counts.

Faith– Most important, let your faith be bigger than your fears.


Progress TableRoseBryan
Highest Weight88kg90kg
Starting Weight83kg86kg
Current Weight68kg70kg
Goal Weight60 kgAchieved
Duration7 months7 months
Weight loss15kg16 kg





“They said couple goals are getting fat together but for us it is getting healthier together”

Bryan’s blood pressure has returned to normal now and I don’t have visible symptoms of PCOS anymore and have regular menstruation. I haven’t had a check-up due to COVID 19 outbreak but after this quarantine will surely go to my OB-gyne. Hoping to get pregnant naturally without taking any medication for our 2nd baby any time soon. We are praying that God will give that blessing on his perfect time.

LCIF WOE is one of the effective ways to strengthen our immune system. In this time of pandemic we should change our lifestyle to achieve a healthier body. Cutting back on carbohydrates can have major benefits for our health. Many studies have shown that a low-carb diet can help you lose weight, control diabetes or pre-diabetes and lower your blood pressure. Me and my Husband have proven that LCIF WOE really works, even if the outcome is slow, you will definitely achieve it. Just set your goal and trust yourself.

People’s experiences and journeys to lose weight inspires and motivates us every day to achieve our goal and not to lose hope. Some of our relatives and friends were encouraged to follow our diet and we will continue to encourage and inspire more people to help them change their life. 

“Keep Improving, Keep Inspiring. ”Live the LCIF Way.”

“Cheers to a better version of ourselves, to a healthier mind and healthier body.”

To  learn more about LCIF community, please subscribe to the YouTube Channel of the Founder Coach Dave Aguila, kindly see the links below:

-Mary Rose Pineda

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