Can a slow learner become smart?

Are you worried that your kid shows signs of processing things slowly compare to other kids or they are just shy?  Let me share with you the prodigious transformation of my daughter, Gwen. When she was four years old, I struggle teaching her, she won’t have any interest at all, she will not take part, she will not dance when ask to dance, I remember her teacher will keep on commenting about her just being quiet not talking to anyone, not responding even to the teacher. In short, She don’t care.

That school year, I did not do anything, I just let things happen, I don’t care how low her grades were. But, there is one thing that Gwen told me that change the game, during kinder 1 graduation, she was envious of her classmates because their medals were making clashing sounds. She ought to have a medal making noise (she only has one ribbon – Most Punctual).

So what I did, every blessed Sunday, I give offerings to the church (writing her name in a white envelope) praying for guidance for Gwen to do better at school. Then, I printed out numerous worksheets, we practice, every single day. I changed the subject every day so that she will not loathe to it. Is there an improvement? – A LOT.

She finished preschool rank 5. She was recognized top 2 on her first grade, top 3 on 2nd grade, top 2 on her 3rd grade. She always competes with Math, A.P., Science and our favorite Spelling Quiz Bee (Inter-school to Provincial to National). There is one time I’m about to cry when she first recites a poem in the stage – in front of many people. My heart is dancing that time, thankful to Our Lord for hearing and answering my prayers – nothing is impossible.

2019, Recognition Day

Here is my Gwen now, from a shy quiet preschool girl to a student rocking competition left and right. Parents, Do not lose hope, if you think your child is not doing well in school, its time for us parents to scrutinize what’s wrong, what’s been missing? Children need us, let’s change their study habit because their generation is full of destruction.

Keep in mind that slow processing speed has nothing to do with how smart kids are . And kids may take a long time with one thing but be fast with another. Lots of kids who learn and think differently have challenges like these. And they can improve with support.

Practice is one of the keys to success. Why am I saying this? Practice, talent and being lucky are equally important.

Cris Villacampa

Do Your Best and Let God Do the Rest! (Colossians 3:23-24)

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