An Online Gamer Becomes An Online Seller

Photo by Mediamodifier

 This is my journey in the online selling world. Being always online made me spend money on internet connection. I realized being an online gamer can’t help me to succeed in my dreams in life.

  It started when I’m addicted to playing online games (Clash of Clans).  I spent a lot of time and money on it. I realized that It can’t help me with my finances. While I’m browsing my Facebook wall, I saw one of my friends in Manila was looking for resellers. Most of the product posted was RTW and household items. I asked her how to be a reseller. Then she gave me the rules. I explore how it works. When I started posting on my Facebook wall, no one noticed it. I have no sales for that week. I’ve searched for some tips about online selling. My mode of payment was cash on delivery. I posted all the items every day. I’m so happy that one of my friends asked me how to order. My first capital was only Php 1,500.  I earn a little profit from it and as a newbie, I’m so happy with it.  Every week or every other week I’ve placed an order to my supplier so that I can save the shipping fee. My online business was growing and I have many loyal customers. Thank you to my friends who were my first customers at that time. 

When I gave birth to my daughter (Jacee), I’d stop posting so that I can focus on caring for her. I do breastfeeding and cloth diapering.  When Jacee was about 5-6 months, I noticed that my supplier was gone online. Maybe she deactivated her account. 

     Then I found other products to sell. It was introduced by my brother’s girlfriend. I gain a lot of orders and profits for it. I also learned more about marketing strategies from my teammates.  The products are expensive but the quality is so good that’s why my customers order it again and again. I tried selling cloth diapers and baby stuff.

  When Jacee was running 1 year old, I made her a tutu dress used for pictorial. It looked so cute even if it was recycled from a mosquito net and her headband. I also made her some crochet stuff like booties and headbands. I posted it on my Facebook wall and gained some positive comments. They appreciated my creativity even though it looked so simple for me. Then, at Halloween, I decided to make her a costume. I bought a tulle and made her a simple outfit. I’m so overwhelmed because even if it’s just so simple, I gained some appreciation. I sold it as pre-loved. From that, I got an inquiry. I’m so in love with what I do. Day by day I learned a lot of tips on how to make a tutu dress.  By then, I sold a lot from my Facebook friends and mommy friends. I decided to sell it on Shopee. I tried different craft items also because I want to explore what I can do with my creativity.

     In online selling, there are so many ups and downs. We encountered bogus buyers and joy reservers but we don’t need to focus on them. Let’s focus on the positive side. Our main goal as an online seller is to gain trust from our customers and help them hassle-free in buying online.

by Evangelene Buno Rosales

my little family

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