My Biggest Win

Hooray for our FIRST family photo!

We all have our wins that would merit a celebration — be it your first gold medal in a sports event, graduating with Latin honors in college, or maybe as humble as perfecting that chocolate ganache cake. Here’s mine. 

I never imagined myself conquering my wildest fear ever. But when I got married back in 2016, I knew that our next stop (my husband and I) was to build a family of our own. After all, this is every newlywed couple’s ultimate dream. But at the back of my head, thoughts would keep running — how can I ever go through childbirth minus the FEAR? For someone who has not been hospitalized all her life, the thought of going through the whole process can be nerve-wracking!

Not too long after our wedding, we were blessed to conceive our little one. My journey was not a bed of roses, since there were times I had to be on bed rest and was advised to veer away from strenuous activities. To prepare for the ‘big day’ and our new journey as future mom and dad, my husband and I enrolled in childbirth and parenting classes, giving us a glimpse of parenthood. I didn’t know ‘infanticipating’ could be that packed with a rollercoaster of emotions.  I would also find myself talking to my Mom, sister, and mom friends who were once there, to gain a much-needed dose of confidence. Mind you, each had her own story to tell! Suddenly, the worrier in me has come back to life. My husband would always remind me that he never doubted my ‘superwoman powers’: to go through childbirth and thereafter ace motherhood.  

Fast track to a cold Monday morning on June 18, 2018 at 9:48 a.m., I heard a powerful cry as our most-awaited being came out, bringing me to tears of overflowing joy! All my fears and doubts have been set aside. That very minute, I became a MOTHER. The journey all throughout was not easy — it had its unforgettable highs and lows, but knowing that I now have this little boy in my life assures me that everything will be all right. I am blessed to be his Mommy– every day spent with him is a joy to behold. In my mind, these thoughts kept running: Oh my son, I pray for so many good things to come your way! I am excited for the blessings the Lord has in store for you! 

Owen (my husband) and I gave our precious one the name Raffaele AlessioRaffaele (rafa-yeli) means God has healed; Alessio stands for defender. We pray that he grows up to become a good man with a heart that heals differences and guards the truth and nobility. Our son — our life.. He continues to amaze me with the uniqueness of his being, and I am just thankful to the Lord that He entrusted him to us to be his guiding light as he grows up. Raffa has made me a better and braver person.  I consider him my biggest TRIUMPH thus far. 

Crystal Anne Samiano

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