When Daddy Babysits

What do you think happens when a daddy babysits? How it went through and how its feels? 

We have so many experiences towards daddy’s babysitting that makes us laugh, excited, annoyed, worried, angry and sometimes you don’t know how to feel anymore. It is really a mixed emotion. Let me share with you my own experiences when my husband babysits. 

  • Daddy looks more tired and exhausted every time after he babysits 

It is daddy’s duties to babysits our daughter during weekend. It is also their father-and-daughter bonding time. He does everything from making baby’s food, feeding, changing diapers, taking her into warm bath, changing clothes and finally making her sleep. And me, do you think I am relaxing or having a day off? How I wish we mommies can do that, of course we are doing the usual household chores. Cleaning the whole house, doing the laundry, making meals for the family, budgeting and planning for the following week’s activities and so many more. After this busy day, look for daddy, he is really exhausted. He is complaining he was tired and his body muscles aches, thus he needs to get bed early. But after 11 months of this arrangement, he used to be liking these usual activities, especially our little one is becoming more responsive and very much active. And I am happy to share that he actually wakes up in the middle of the night to fed our daughter. I think, this is one of the best things I ever experienced being a Mom, to have a goodnight sleep. 

  • He is getting sleepier when he babysits 

I don’t understand but when my husband is babysitting our daughter, most of their waking time, they sleep and they really sleep tight. It is great for me because I can do some household chores without messing out somewhere. You can relax while watching tv, browsing internet, I can even go to the neighbor to have a chit chat. But what is my downside? My baby sleeps late during the night and so do I. And her daddy is always sleeping earlier than us. 

  • He becomes a certified Boy Scout, Always Ready!  

But actually, he asks me to get everything ready every time I am going out. Say it, from clothes to wear, food to eat, bottles for milk and don’t forget, you should tell him what time to give milk and change diapers or else, you will know what will happens next. One time, my daughter got hungry and keeps on eating whatever she picks and holds and he thought it is only her teething. When he gave milk, finally he realized that she was hungry. My goodness, it has been late for two hours! And the worst thing that happened was, she got some rushes in her inner thigh because of a wet diaper. I remember when I told him that our baby got rushes because of a wet diaper, do you know what he answered? “It should not happen, because it says this diaper has a 12-hour protection, it is just been 6 hours.” What will you do if you hear that? You simply wanted to throw the wet diaper to his face for him to understand that it is not healthy anymore, it is already too heavy, full of pee and anytime it was going to explode. But of course, I did not do that. Being a mom, we are tested for our patience all the time. 

One more story. We go to church every Saturday afternoon to attend the anticipated mass. Since my daughter this time is already teething, she’s drooling all the time so we are using a towelette to wipes her face. Guess how many small towels my husband had in his pockets? He has five in the left and another five in the right side, it is either in his jacket’s or in his pants pocket. See? He is ready all the time. When you accidentally drop one of these small towels, no problem, you still have nine.  

You will also observe, there are always a set of two for all the things the baby is using. Since we are occupying the basement of the house and our room is upstairs, we have two sets of diaper rack, child dresser, towels, canister of milks, water heater, bottle warmer, wet wipes warmer and any stuff that we use regularly. One set for the room upstairs and another set for the basement. He makes sure he had everything to hand to make his life easier and always be ready. 

  • He becomes truly a provider but sometimes over reacting 

When you allowed daddy to babysit, he gains the idea of how many diapers and wipes your baby is using in a day, how many cans of milk she consumes in a week, exactly, he will know the inventory of your baby’s need. And one day, I am shocked because our stock cabinet has so many boxes of diapers, wet wipes and cans of milk. Actually, it is more than 5 of each of these items, especially diapers with more than hundreds in each box. He anticipated the COVID-19 even before it has occurred.  We have so many stocks and it really helps this time of quarantine. He is truly a provider but sometimes over reacting because it happened before we hit the lockdown. 

  • Everything in the house is shelled, covered and fenced 

Yes, you are right, it is for security purposes which I approved hundred one per cent.  How amazing he did this? Since our room is not spacious to put a crib inside and he worried that our baby would suddenly wakes up and nobody is in the room, he put a barricade around our bed, simply he makes our bed like a crib. And happily, all of us three are sleeping inside. He also put fences to all doors and passages especially to stairs. He put covers to all open cabinets and corners with matching color coding. He put away sharp edges and minimized furniture in the play area. He doubled the floor carpet and so many more. Who cares for the interior design this time? 

  • You see a playground inside your house like that in the park  

A trampoline, a swing, a slide, named it, we have all that inside the house but not the typical size and actual picture of those but all improvised. One of my husband hobbies is carpentry. He keeps on making some stuff of furniture out of trash lumbers and woods from the warehouse he is working. When our daughter started to play, he is just excited to make those improvised playing items or equipment. At first, he made a playpen that equal to a size of a queen size bed. When he saw our daughter enjoying swinging in the park, he made a swing. When the little one learnt to slide, he made a slide. And now he is thinking his next project, a see saw and a climber playset. Doesn’t he realized that we have a park outside and knowing it is only a 20-meters walking distance? Is it too much? I know, he will say “It is due to COVID-19 and for the baby, this is not too much!  

These are only some of my experiences when our daddy babysits, really memorable and great. I find it funny, confusing and amazing but whatever the feelings are, I am very much grateful to have a husband like our daddy.  Given that, we both are first-time parents to our lovely daughter and we started our happy family in our older age, my husband is already 49, I am 37 years old and our daughter is 11 months old. Can’t wait the moment to have a graduate student in elementary grade in our senior citizens age. But we are so happy to experience this kind of parenting. We are enjoying! Shout out to all rookie parents! 


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