Different Types of Filipinos Amidst Pandemic

On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared coronavirus disease COVID-19 a pandemic. As of this moment, WHO already declared 827,419 confirmed cases with 40,777 deaths covering 205 countries in which Philippines has 2,311 confirmed cases with 96 deaths. (Source: https://ncovtracker.doh.gov.ph/ -as of April 1, 2020; 4:00 pm Philippine Standard Time)

Philippines had to enforce enhanced community quarantine to minimize the movement of people who are possible carriers of the virus and to separate those that are severely infected, asymptomatic, under monitoring, and under investigation from those that are not yet contacted by the virus. Hence made Filipinos resort to the use of social media to deal with the pandemic.

And in these scenarios can be seen how Filipinos deal with the pandemic differently. Below are some of the types of Filipinos during the enhanced community quarantine. Which category do you think you fall?

1. Hoarders and Panic Buyers

These people were the first to dominate social media in the early days of the implementation of enhanced community quarantine. The panic buyers try to buy in large quantities due to fear of forthcoming shortage or price increase. The hoarders believe that they can sell their items higher than the retail price if stocks will become scarce. Fortunately, before things get worse, the government implemented price and quantity control in the market to avoid the aforementioned actions.

2. Courageous Front liners

This group is comprised of nurses, doctors, and other health workers, police and military peace enforcers, sanitation workers, researchers and others. They bravely go out of their houses to serve those who are in need at the forefront of the fight against this pandemic. We also see them holding signs “We go to work for you. Please stay at home for us.”.

3. Tireless Entertainers

Facebook, being the most used social media platform, is flooded by memes, Tik Tok videos and other ways to express funny thoughts about the current situation we are experiencing. These balances the negativity circulating social media. You can’t resist smiling by just looking at them.

4. Persistent Naggers

Here are the negative ones. These people keep us updated about the status of their areas. Posts such as these will be very helpful in the upcoming election. They are implying the “Vote wisely.” mantra.

5. Knowledgeable Criticizers

For every press conference held by the president, Atty. Rodrigo R. Duterte, these tweets come flooding. They do not care if hurtful words are said as long as they can voice out their hate about the way the president is handling the issue about COVID-19. Do you think if they were the president they could have done better?

6. Abangers

We are just patiently waiting but in a very creative way. That’s all. But don’t get into our nerves 🙂

7. Prayer Warriors

Lord hear our prayers. Nothing is more powerful to defeat what the planet is facing but only You. Have you already said your prayers?

8. Dedmaers

COVID-19 or any plague won’t change their lifestyle. They are the real survivors.

9. Productive kahit medyo Affected

Filipina Homebased Moms belong to this group. Are you aspiring to work from home? The founders are dedicated to helping all Filipina moms out there who are aspiring to land an online job or start a digital business through their virtual community, events and regular training sessions. Haven’t you heard of their free webinars? Who doesn’t want something that is free? Well what are you still waiting for?

Written by: Carla Jane Tarog

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