Things I learn being a Single mom

“We make Our own plans, but the lord decides where we will go. ” – proverbs 16:9-

Its Almost A year I become A single mom , things dos en’t work according to my plan, all the trust are gone, and my world fall apart, but what to do all things happen like a blink on an eye stress , postpartum ,feeling down mix emotions comes up,

“You can choose your husband but your kids can’t choose their father, choosing a good dad for your future kids is your responsibility and its not one that you should take lightly”.

No women want to give a broken home to there child, but life taught me that you cant control someones loyalty , No matter how good you are to them doesn’t means that they will treat you the same no matter how much they mean to you doesn’t means that they value you, he left us without any explanation and without a valid reason,

When life’s gets hard and you feel alone , remember ,you mean the world to somebody, and that person call you Mama,

Letting go ,moving on is the hardest things I’ve ever done ,I have a child and I need to be strong for her , need to teach my daughter how precious she is , making her my inspiration day by day, seeing her healthy raising her well is my number one priority right now.

Don’t focus on your problems, focus on god he is the solution

I know that I made right decision, I stop listening to what people says,instead of being frustrated I make my self busy , I try to learn new things giving a chance to my self , and put god first.


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