My weight loss journey began right after I gave birth with my firstborn. My pre-pregnancy weight was 51kg and my post-pregnancy was 59kg. At first, I really don’t mind since I gave birth via C-section. My main focus was my daughter and for my wound to heal. A month after, I ran over one of our distant relatives, and told me I’m too fat. I got offended because I’m not used to be called that way. That was my turning point, I had to do something to go back to my old self. So, I started my own research on how to trim down my weight. It wasn’t that hard for me since I was very determined to lose weight. I wanted to share my story and maybe this can work out for anyone anytime soon.

Three(3) Easy Steps to a Healthier YOU:

  1. Know your BODY WEIGHT

No matter how scary it is, we have to face the reality and step on that weighing scale to measure our starting weight. Then we have to set our weight goal. I even used a mobile app to track my progress. It was called my fitness pal, who was very useful to me during that time. On a weekly basis, I had to consistently measure my weight to check if there’s any improvement. To start my weight loss program, I had to set my weight goal and my target date of accomplishment. My goal was to lose at least 2-3 kilos per month.

2. Think what you eat

And now we have to plan everything we eat. I started eating a complete meal during breakfast and lunch then just a piece of bread and fruits at dinner. Eventually I decided to cut out more calories, I only ate Nestle cereals, banana/ apple for breakfast, 1 cup rice,chicken/fish and vegetables for lunch and just an apple for dinner. I also avoided all fast food meals and started to eliminate PORK and BEEF on my diet. In between snacks, I only eat high fiber crackers and fruits and of course more fluids for the entire day. When I say fluids, it means more water and no juices or any carbonated drinks. How about cheat days? Of course, I also had my weaknesses.Chocolates, ice creams and cakes are my guilty pleasure. Once a week, I had my cheat day but still I had to measure how many calories it contains. I became conscious with how many calories I  took in to be able to determine how many calories I have to burn right after. And yes counting is the key. You may use my fitness pal app to count and log all the food you eat, or you may google any food item to determine its calorie content. I followed the 1,200 calories/day and if I exceed I had to burn more calories like additional walking, use stairs instead of the elevator and the like. Below is the matrix that I googled for the recommended calorie intake based on our age and physical activities.

Source: Business.Fit

3. Exercise

It is very significant to have a daily exercise to achieve your weight goal. I started mine with a 10 minute cardio workout at home after work. No fancy gym membership, there are tons of you tube videos that you can follow. Always remember that anything is better than nothing. I eventually increased my daily exercise into 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes after work. And like I mentioned, I also burn more calories during my cheat days. We also have to consider our daily routine to determine the exercise that will fit for our lifestyle. If your job is office works and usually sits in the office for 8-9 hours then you have to increase your daily exercise to burn more calories.

Did I achieved my weight goal? And the answer is yes, I went back to my old weight after three(3) months just in time for our company outing. And to maintain my healthy diet, I totally eliminate PORK and BEEF on my diet. My daughter just turned nine last February, so it has been 9 long years that I became non pork& beef eater. I am now a mom of two kids and still conscious on what I eat. I always share my diet routine to anyone who asks how do I maintain my figure. And once you got to used to this routine it will be effortless. Like they always say, it takes 21 days to make it a habit. I surpassed the 21 days and now its been this long.For those who wanted to start losing weight, first thing to ask yourself is how determined you are to really lose weight. If you are pretty much ready then you better start moving. Like my inspirational quote says:

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you to today”- Tim Fargo

Written by: Mary Ann L. Roslin

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