My Work From Home Story

I used to work in a Manufacturing Company for more than 16 years. And I didn’t imagine that I will be soon leaving my job. Though, I have friendly work mates, approachable superiors and a good working environment. As a mother of two kids, my children are still my top priority.

Before I plan to leave my job, I ask myself how can I help my husband in providing our daily needs when I permanently stayed at home taking care of our children. It’s not easy to decide when you’re about to think your financial stability.
But since then, I started to search online if there’s an online job that I can do while at home taking care of my kids.
I have joined different online business which I thought before as a home base job. Unluckily, I was scammed, not just once but more.
I also tried online selling, but I think I’m not good at it.

Until, one day a friend introduce me to search an FB group, the Filipina Homebase moms (FH Moms), a group who are dedicated to helping all Filipina moms out there who are aspiring to work from home to be able to land an online job or start a digital business through our virtual community, events and regular training sessions.

I started to watch their training videos and webinars and learned a lot of things in working online. As a beginner, there’s always a fear and what if’s. But my goal of having a job didn’t stop me. I prepare all the things I needed to start working online.

But getting an online job is not that easy. As a beginner with no skills, you need to get into the needle hole. Until I decided to enroll in one of FH Moms online courses to gain more skills. I took E-Commerce Virtual Assistant Online Course last October 2019. After graduation, I applied in onlinejobs\ph. And luckily I was hired as an Amazon FBA Product Researcher. Thanks to FH Moms, Mommy MK and to all mommy trainers for their dedication in imparting their knowledge to all aspiring moms like me to work from home.

By: S.M. Guasch

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