My Favorite Memes from the Enhanced Community Quarantine

COVID 19 – just hearing it makes me anxious all over. It’s been 4 months since this pandemic hit the world, and it has woken up all sorts of emotions from people all over the world. The news is far from motivating, but there are still those who choose to face this enemy with a smile.

Known for their jovial nature, Filipino humor still ascends amidst the dreaded pandemic, hence the explosion of these memes all over social media. Here are the top 10 memes we’ve found so far.

  1. The first person who’s ecstatic upon hearing Home quarantine.

2. Because staying at home with nothing else to do means rummaging the kitchen.

3. A warning For those who still refuse to stay at home

4. When Home quarantine poses food dilemmas

5. Go-to places during the home quarantine period.

6. Avoidance at its finest!

Filipino humor is truly amazing! I’m sure there is still plenty of those where it came from.

**Disclaimer: Photos and clips used does not belong to me and were collated from social media sources. CTTO.

-by Irish Mariano

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