Home is where my DOG is

I would never know how to measure a dog’s loyalty. I grew up surrounded by different kinds of pets. But my heart grew more closer with dogs. The comfort that I get hugging them when I was 4 is very much the same now that I’m in my 40’s. They can mirror your emotions in a snap. If you’re feeling happy, they would jump with joy for you. And on sad days they will sit with you and just absorb those low feelings until you get over it. They always miss you. Always happy to spend time with you. When they look at you with those soulful eyes, it feels as if you are their world. They made me understand that unconditional love exists.

Dogs are known to be an excellent stress reliever. They can keep you calm, reduce anxiety or depression and lowers your heart rate. They develop such abilities to understand human behavior and emotions.

So, I will always make a space in my heart where they can leave their paw-marks. My relationship with my dogs old and new will never come to an end. A special creature that loves me more than they love themselves. They have made my life more colorful and meaningful.
Love them unconditionally and they will devote their life to you endlessly.

by: Nina Rachel de Vera

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