From Ash to Virus: Kids Fun Indoor Activities

For a Batangueño like me, we are not yet fully recovered from the eruption of Taal Volcano, especially the communities or places within the danger zone. And now here’s another test for us, the coronavirus. Community quarantine has been implemented in the country to lessen the threat and keep us safe from the virus. One of the effects of the problems that we have faced is the suspension of our kid’s classes. And as a parent, we suddenly faced the challenge of keeping them busy at home.

Parents, let me share with you some of my kid’s fun-filled activities while we’re in the middle of these difficulties. I have two amazing kids, a girl and a boy, 8 and 3 years old respectively.

Sand Painting

Missing playing sand at the beach? This activity is one way to fill the absence of it. My daughter enjoys this activity in school, so she made another one with her brother.

TikTok stuff

Aside from learning cool and trending dance from TikTok, this stuff caught my eldest attention. She learns how to do simple magic tricks by watching videos there. She also learned to do paper folding activities and DIY swimsuit for her doll from an old laundry glove.

Mamon Deco

This activity shows the sayings of two birds hit by one stone. My kids make used their simple art skills, and they have a full tummy and messy face after.

Household Chores Activities

From what I have read, learning the household chores at an early age benefitted our kids by making them responsible, increase self-esteem, and improve relationships with others. So this is a perfect time also, for them to learn simple house tasks.

Their first kitchen task is leafing of malunggay leaves, which is time-consuming for us moms. So, I asked them to do it for me while I continue my other chores. My eldest helped me also in getting and folding the clothes after laundry. While my youngest does his part by picking up his toys and put them back in the toy basket. Of course, we must guide and teach them always good values for them to grow as good and God-fearing people in the future.

Hey, what can you say about my kid’s indoor activities? Can you share with us whats your kid’s activities in the comment section? Thank you for reading this. I hope you are all safe at this time, and also I hope that you learn something from us. Let’s be positive despite these happenings, and let’s make every moment count with our kids and loved ones. Enjoy staying at home.

Written By: Sydney Vanessa Datu

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