Edited By Love

God Perfect Timing is Never Early , Never Late.. It Takes a Little Patience and Whole a Lot of Faith…But its Worth the Wait.. ”

July 2014 when was my flight going to Taiwan for work.. I was just a simple daughter trying to worked overseas to help my family financially and to saved for my future.. Almost 2 years of working there all I is well..I enjoyed my work and exploring Taiwan together with my friends every weekend off. Before I slept to bed it was my routine to open my Facebook account and scroll the news feeds, watch videos, edit videos and photos via Blend Collage apps ..

April 2016, Philippines Election period I really want Pres.D30 won as our Prisedent, I voluntarily edit photos for a group of D30 suppoters,most photos I edit was from other Ofw ,(one way of showing my support) ,Until one message request Bumped to my Inbox and this message change my perspectives of life.. 😄 ..

My edited photo .

“Hi how are you? You’re here in Taiwan too? ” Can u help me to edit my photo? I’m D30 supporter too” This messages starts a perfect conversation..

His edited photo

Were both Ofw from Taiwan but different Cities but both of us were from Mindanao. A simple message request to friend request, until we became friends and Ends to Lovers.. I never planned to have a boyfriend that time but I think it was really Gods will.. After 4 mos of being Boyfriend & Girlfriend he proposed to me ..

He proposed during Anniversary of our Group Mindano Alliance in Taiwan
And I said Y E S… August 14,2016

It was not planned nor included to my plan..Its God’s will in His Perfect Time…

We Sealed our Love dated July 16 2018
With our Best Gift ever.. Our little bundle of joy … Stephen James & Soliel Jhea

Best Things Comes Unexpectedly.. Just enjoy life and Ask Guidance from Above….

BY: Sheryl Sumanting

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