A tale of friendship

True freedom happens when we let go of the bitterness in our hearts…

I’ve been thinking about how to start writing a good blog. I have a lot of thoughts running to my mind and it’s draining me.
Usually composing good writing has a beginning, a middle and an end. (okay) this blog is about CHANGE and how one person can make a big IMPACT to your LIFE.

Life is a series of adventures. Every now and then, we long for changes and start life with a new package of hopes and dreams.

A few years ago, I met this person by accident. We crossed our roads in Hong Kong. I was in a tavern waiting for my comrade. Then she passed by to the bar where I was in. I noticed that she was looking for somebody. She noticed me and asked if I saw her friend. I replied I didn’t notice. From there, we started conversing and she offered me a drink. We had a good conversation. She was pleasant, friendly, and humorous so I got attached to her. She invited me that night to roam around to experience the nightlife in Hong Kong. I enjoyed it a lot and listened to her story. We didn’t notice that it was getting late and I forgot that I have a friend to wait. So we ended there and exchanged our Viber. That’s how our friendship started. Until our friendship deepened.

How did she make an impact? When I shared my life story with her about my grudge, She listens to my story. When I finish my story to her, she commenting on being who am I . She honestly told me and no sugar coating that I’m full of PRIDE. I don’t admit the existence of truth when I’m wrong. From then I found out that I don’t acknowledge to be corrected. When I realized that I was full of BURDEN and PRIDE that I kept for a long time.

I met you as a stranger, Took you as a friend. I hope our friendship Will never End…

From there I CHANGED. I confessed and surrendered all my BURDEN. I put away and let go of all of the hurt, hatred, and bitterness. I have learned to focus on the brighter side and be thankful for all the blessings that are coming my way.

And to this person, I meet 3 years ago, Thank you so much. I will forever be grateful to all of the learnings you imparted me I will always treasure and keep this special bond we have.

She’s my wind beneath my wings. ❤

Written By: Gil Laqui Gido

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