To do list at times of crisis: COVID19

Community Quarantine or Partial Lockdown can be really boring to most people who are used to be working in commercial areas, business hubs or frequent traveler whatever their reasons may be. So here are some tips that can make you productive even inside of our home. You’ll be surprised at how many things you can do. Discover things that you forgot that existed. And after all this, while you still can, enjoy this time where you can rest. (I know you’ve been dying to file that leave before.)

Spring Cleaning

Although Philippines have no “Spring” season, it actually means cleaning your house thoroughly. For a busy parent like you, who’s working 5-6/7 days a week, who don’t have the luxury of time. Well, this is it. Our perfect time to go over our things, sort it out, clear it out and clean it out. It minimizes allergens, making it a healthy home for you and your family! *wink*

Try out some new recipes

Remember that recipe you always wanted to make? Well, try it now! You have all the time to make a mess and clean it up. Plus, you won’t keep on wondering what it tastes like. Your family will love it.

Enroll in Online Courses

You might say, what about all the stay at home moms? We’ve done that for so many years. But don’t fret! I know you’re used to it. Well, good news for us! (I’m a stay at home mom too) it’s never too late to learn new things, right? I know, you’ve been a stay at home mom for quite some time now, you’re scared, but there is a saying that “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try”. Take it from me, I’m currently in an online university that empowers women and mothers like us that we can do more, we can be more, that even at home we can put something in our table too. We can earn, be independent and help our families too. Salute to all the stay at home moms!!!

Play with your kids

For those who are working moms/dads in a corporate world, this is your time to get over your guilty feeling that you can’t spend time with your kids. Go now, play with them, dance with them, sing with them, get crazy with them. Your kids miss you so bad, they need you, and nothing in the world would mean to them but spend time with you.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Disposing trash is challenging nowadays. It gets piled up easily, since there is no garbage truck to pick it up. What do we do? Since I was a kid, I always see Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, but very few do it and I think it’s the perfect time to remind everyone. So, what we do here in our home is we simply sort our trash from recyclable and non-recyclable. We then sort the recyclable ones from dry and wet, dry goes to a separate garbage bag, then the wet ones goes to a pit hole. It won’t stink since its underground and also serves as fertilizer for our plants. Plastic bottles can be recycled (but not all) or sold to junk shops (when the community quarantine is done). On reusing plastic containers, remember when you were a kid and excited to see an Ice cream tub on your fridge? And when you open it, behold the new ice cream flavor… Tilapia, Galunggong, Shrimp then you just scratch your head and put it back, but it is very helpful to organize your fridge/freezer for meat/fish/chicken. Let your kids be surprised!

Meditate/Self Reflection/Pray

Spending too much time in social media is not healthy. Nowadays, there are lots of hate posts instead of motivating ones. We need positivity mentally and spiritually. You need to meditate, find your inner energy, peace, happiness and love of self. You think of happy thoughts, think about your kids, their smiles, their laughs. Always share a smile, even at home. During this crisis, we will survive this lockdown period. This is just a phase. “This too shall pass” is what you should keep in mind. Look at the silver lining, our mother earth is slowly healing from pollution. She deserves it right?

Aerial view from Manhattan Parkway Tower3, Cubao
Shot by: Jedrik Ching
As of March 23,2020

Written by: Angeline C. Villaluz

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