My Work-At-Home Journey: The First Phase

My Work-At-Home Journey: The First Phase

I am a full-time mom for seven years now and I can say that I am enjoying every single moment of it. I have two kids that I have to take care of and blessed to have a husband that is hardworking and financially capable of providing all of our needs. But then again, there is something inside of me that wanted to accomplished for myself that pushed me to start this venture, my work-at-home journey.

How did I start?

Being out of work for several years and spending most of your time at home doing daily chores and then suddenly planning to work-at-home seems a very difficult task to achieve. The first thing I did was consulted my husband about my plans on working online.  I asked him to support me and told him that I am doing this for our family and I will continue being a full-time mom for our kids.

I bought all the necessary equipment needed that consists of a laptop with noise-canceling headset and subscribed with a high-speed internet connection which my husband provided through company loan. Then I started watching tutorials and reading blogs about work-at-home so that I can learn about different techniques on landing a job online. I tried to equip myself first with the skills and knowledge needed to be hired. I also sign-up for several online job sites such as and where you can find online jobs online.

Here comes the frustration.

I thought that you just need to have a few skills to be able to get the job you wanted online but I wasn’t aware that there are a bunch of competitions that also trying to find a job like me. I also tried those easy online jobs with small compensation like transcriptionist and data annotations but after working for several hours you will only be paid a small amount of money. Not even enough to pay for our internet connection bills or buy a decent meal for my family. I started to feel frustrated and depressed at the same time because I didn’t realize that trying to find a job online will be that difficult and time consuming.

Filipina Homebased Moms to the rescue. 

 I keep on trying to figure out what I am lacking with my credentials and previous experiences. I created a checklist of my skills that needed to be improved because I haven’t been working for quite some time and it is best to refresh it. Then one day as I was browsing my Facebook, I was invited by my friend to join this Facebook group, Filipina Homebased Moms being led by Ms. MK Bertulfo. This group was my savior in overcoming my frustrations and boosted my confidence back. They will guide you by providing tips and tutorials about freelancing and home-based jobs especially for full-time moms like me. They provided different resources that will help you upgrade your skills and develop your talents. 

The beginning of my amazing journey.

I am still in the process of building my portfolio and developing my skills as I continue to embrace the home-based industry. I’m currently enrolled in one of Filipina Homebased Moms courses which is General Virtual Assistant to gain more knowledge about the particular niche I want to pursue. I believe that to be able to achieve your goals, you should surround yourself with successful people, develop your skills and be committed to it. I always believe that God will give me the perfect timing of achieving my goals in life.I am looking forward to write the second phase of this journey with an inspiring outcome.

By: Jesamie Madriaga

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