My Pregnancy Journey, My PCOS Baby

Every woman knows that having their own baby will mark the completion of their true happiness — the true happiness that will bind a growing family.

“A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.”

Since I was a kid, my ultimate dream is to build my career for my parents and my own family. But my anxiety started when I was in my college days and observed that my menstruation was not on a regular basis or not within the 28-day cycle. Having a 60-day cycle was the normal phase for me. I did not find the urgency that time to seek for a medical opinion thinking that it’s too early ‘coz I’m only 18. But one time I got health issues on my thyroid gland, some of my friends noticed that my neck was a little bit larger than normal so they advised me to visit an ENT doctor to make sure if I don’t have a goiter. The doctor said I have a mild hypothyroidism but can be treated by taking oral medications. I can’t fully remember why the ENT doctor advised me to seek advice from an OB-Gyne, maybe to check if my thyroid hormones affected my reproductive system?

I followed my doctor and went to an OB-Gyne. The OB gave a referral for an ultrasound to examine if everything is normal, and the result is boom… I have a Polyscystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I did not know how to feel that time, all I know is that PCOS can be related to infertility someday and that so saddened me. The OB-Gyne told me that it is a hormonal imbalance condition, so I need to change my lifestyle to somehow correct it. She gave me a combination birth control pill that will regulate my menstrual cycle monthly, and truly it works. But I stopped taking the pills medication after a year ‘coz I know it is not good also for my organs to take synthetic medication on the long run. I also tried Naturopathic medication, but lasted only for months because it is costly. I can’t also endure the process of limited food intake which is not applicable for me because I’m still in college needing more energy for my school works. During that time, having a strong support from my family, friends and my boyfriend means a lot.

To cut the long story short, I got married at 25 years old with my long-time boyfriend. We decided that early since we two have a stable job and we’re not sure how long would it take for us to be blessed with a child. We lift our faith in God and trust in His plans. In January 2015 when we got married, I have my corporate job which seems to exhaust all my energy that calls a need to take a food supplement (I think it enhanced my reproductive system) to perform my other obligations. Being married is so pressured as our friends and relatives kept asking us “Wala pa bang baby? Bilisan nyo naman.” That time, they didn’t know it saddens me because I really don’t know if I will be able to bear a child. We search for another OB-Gyne, she told me that there’s a higher chance that I will bear a child and advised us not to be pressured because it will do no good for our cells and rather it will delay the pregnancy.  It relieves my feelings and prayed to God that I will not worry anymore and instead trust Him on his proper timing.

Come April 2015 I am one week delayed again on my menstruation, I did not take it seriously as I have an irregular menstruation cycle. We did attend company outings with my husband, travel here and there. After a week, no menstruation came and so finally we decided to take a pregnancy test the next morning. I don’t want to expect anything ‘coz I don’t want to disappoint myself and my hubby, but slowly…

the test kit shows two red lines and yes it is positive! I’m pregnant!!

That would be the happiest morning for both of us. We immediately informed our families and shared our excitement. We waited for the ultrasound and once we heard the heartbeat of the baby, we shouted to the world (thru social media) how happy we are.

I enjoyed every day of my pregnancy journey, but unexpectedly I had blood spotting. The OB-Gyne said it was a threatened miscarriage so she advised me for a complete bed rest for two weeks to one month. Having a supportive husband made my pregnancy journey lightly. Every day we prayed the rosary, prayed to God if the baby was for us please keep him/her safe and healthy. We survived the first trimester and I got back to work.

It was on my 5th month journey when Magsaysay agency called my husband to report for work and be on board. It saddened me again coz we will be having a long distance relationship (LDR) but I know it is a sacrifice for our family. Good thing my mother moved in our house and stayed with me. Everything’s went well until I undergo a glucose test which has bad result again, my sugar levels soar high that revealed that I have Gestational Diabetes. A condition where I should be careful with my food intake so my sugar levels will be within the range, if my sugar will be worst I need to take insulin for my baby and I don’t want that to happen. I followed all diet instructions from my Internal Medicine Doctor, and my monthly laboratory tests went well. So thankful to God for hearing all my prayers and to my parents for the support while my husband is on board.

My delivery due date was the 2nd week of December, at 4th of December I already filed my leave on my corporate job. I kept walking on walking to place the baby ready for delivery, but I have not experience any labor pain yet. It was December 8, 2015 that I had my last non-stress test. Anyway, patients with Gestational Diabetes need to undergo ultrasound and non-stress test twice a month to check if the baby’s size and movement was normal. My last test was not quite normal ‘coz my baby’s heartbeat was not consistent compared to her movement, so my OB-Gyne scheduled me for a Caesarean Section delivery.

THE LONG WAIT IS OVER! Our baby was born at 7:30 PM on December 8. A healthy 6.6 lbs baby girl named Sophia Micaela. The medical reason for our CS delivery was due to her short umbilical cord (effect of gestational diabetes which may be related to PCOS) that’s why her heartbeat slows down. Thankful prayers were all I uttered after the delivery. Our bundle of joy and true happiness has finally arrived! All the pain and sacrifices are WORTH IT!

I wrote this blog to inspire all other aspirant mommies out there not to lose hope. Everything is written according to God’s best plan and proper timing.

Written by: Honeylet M. Reyes

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