My Happy Tummy

“Everything in food is science. The only subjective part is when you eat it.” -Alton Brown

Growing up, I would taste different dishes prepared by my mother, relatives, neighbors and even those bought in carinderia. My interest in food came about when during fiesta in my mother’s home town, I would watch my relatives cook. From meat dishes like menudo, crispy pork belly to maja blanca and home-made ice cream, my gastronomic experience was full. This kind of, paved the way for my distinct taste for home-cooked meals. It was during high school that I got to cook my first complicated dish which is pinakbet.

With a family of my own, I was now able to prepare food that, aside from being tasty, takes me back down to my memory lane. Along the way in my over four decades of existence, there are those food that makes me nostalgic- or should I say, my comfort food!

Let’s check my list!

  • Pancit – a noodle dish, typically with a meat (pork or chicken), carrot, cabbage and spices.
  • Beef with ampalaya – beef stir fry with bitter gourd.
  • Lumpiang sariwa – is a fresh spring roll consisting of different vegetables like minced ubod (heart of palm tree), flaked chicken and then wrapped in lettuce garnished with sweet sauce and peanuts.
  • Arroz caldo – is a rice congee infused with chicken and ginger, topped with scallions and pepper.
  • Halo-halo – a Filipino cold dessert which is a concoction of crushed ice, evaporated milk and various ingredients such as ube, sweetened beans, gulaman, pinipig rice, coconut strips, flan and topped with ice cream.
Eat whatever makes you happy!

What's your list?

by: Venice de Vera

One thought on “My Happy Tummy

  1. Congrats Vie on your 1st ever blog!.. Looking forward to your next/upcoming blog(s)… I’ll be waiting for it… So excited for you😊😍


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