“Out of difficulties grow miracles.”—Jean de la Bruyere

In the middle of the world’s biggest crisis today, our government is doing their best to if not stop at least limit the massive and fast spreading of the 2019 Novel Corona Virus. Our front liners are sacrificing their selves to help those affected patients. They are more vulnerable to virus transfer as they work close contact to those patients. Our authorities like policemen and military team are doing their best to guard us and to stop those hard headed people not doing their only job which is to stay at home. I know staying at home especially if you are not fortunate enough with money is very hard as you have a family to fed. But we should trust our government and not let this virus crisis break us. I am not an analyst or a genius in terms of financial aspect but at least let me share you guys how to spend your days during community quarantine. These are just simple things that you can do at your home but these can create lifetime memories with your love ones without even knowing it. You can do your job which is to avoid spreading of virus and then at the same time you will have lovely memories to look back later on.

Cook with Your Love Ones

Cooking with your kids and love ones is the sweetest thing you can do not just in this kind of situation but every time you have a chance to do so. It can create a beautiful and lovely bonding with your love ones. It does not have to be an expensive recipe as even the simplest recipe can do magic to you. Cook a scramble eggs and let your kid put the spring onions to garnish it. Cook a Sardines with eggs, let your husband or your partner prepare the ingredients. Cook a delicious pancake, have a finger of it and put it on your child’s face. You can do a lot of things while cooking like creating happy moments and delicious meal at the same time. Just remember to clean up the mess after and don’t play with fire. Fire is more dangerous than the virus. It can burn everything in seconds.

Play with Your Kids

If there is one good thing this virus gave us, it brings us together to our family. We have never been this close to our family like this before. We should make this time our chance to become closer with our family, to strengthen the bond and love for them, and to make up for those missed times especially to our kids. Kids are attention and love seekers especially the toddler ones. Let us make this time our chance to spend more time with them. Play with them, teach them as at their age now they are very curious with everything, and make them feel that they are loved and protected. Be the best playmate they can ever have. Make them smile, laugh, and cry out of joy.

Do Household Chores Together

Being a wife and a mother at the same time is the hardest job. Keeping the house clean and organized while taking care of their kids at the same time requires her to multi tasks that at the end of the day she will only have a little time for herself. This is the right time to make up with her and to show her your love and appreciation. Help her in every way you can and together create a wonderful and lifetime memory. You can dance with her while cooking, play with her while doing laundry, tease her while cleaning the house, and have a wonderful coffee and snack with her after.

Spend Time with Your Extended Family- Your Pets

Your pet maybe it is a dog or cat is also like a child. They want your attention, love, and protection. They too want to spend more time with you, play with you, run with you, and get messy with you. In this time and situation your pet might be confused why you are actively present in your house. For sure they would give you loving look on their eyes and a gentle lick on your face from time to time. You maybe wondering why but this is their way to tell you how happy they are and how much they like to play and bond with you. Have a break from a stressful day and have some happy, silly, and messy time with your pet. It will make you happy and relieve you from stress too while making them happy and feel loved too at the same time. Just don’t forget to capture every moment so you can have memory to look back on. You can also share it to your social media account to inspire and cheer up others too. In this time, we need all the support we can get.

Pray Together

There is no powerful than prayer. The love of our almighty God is so powerful that all we need to do is ask and pray and he will give it to you. As long as you pray with all your heart. In this situation we have, our prayers for the healing of everyone is the best we can do. And praying together is much powerful as our hearts and desires to heal become one. The almighty God never forgets and abandon his children. All we need is to kneel down and feel his love and presence. Pray for the healing and protection of everyone.

So that’s it. I hope you learned something from my blog and if you have some any ideas and tips on how to spend the stay at home days, you are free to share it guys. Thank you and see you again next time.

By: Kathy Jean

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