As I grew older, I thought that I would be all alone in my life..that , maybe cupid ran out of an arrow to strike to my better half..such a silly thing! I felt like I was just like a princess, waiting for a prince to save me from a miserable life.

Somebody also says that maybe I should start to look for my prince rather that waiting for him. After all, we’re in a new era where some princesses our the one who pursue their prince. Right?

But in my mind, some part of me believes that “love will move in mysterious ways”. I don’t need to hurry, life may be short but I’m absolutely living my life to the fullest. (It’s from my own perspective though). Everyone is teasing me that I will be an old only reply was “darating din yun, huwag kayo mainip”.. And then, in God’s perfect time we finally met! I never knew that he is someone just around the corner. (our house is two blocks away). I thank God, coz I will no longer be bashed by everyone eager to see me with a guy. If I lose FAITH in HIM, I’ll regret making a harsh decision.

We get married at the age of 31, and we’re happy together, planning for our future. Since we’re not that young anymore, having a bundle of joy is what we hardly prayed for. But I guess, patience really is a virtue.. Four years have passed, and I’m beginning to lose HOPE..I got frustrated, that I started to question God. Why? How long will I wait? What do I need to do? I cry rivers that my eyes have begun to dry. My loving husband softly taps my back and gently brushes my hair, saying ” Mahal, don’t lose hope.” His optimistic view has made our faith to God much stronger. I prayed that If God permits us to have a child, I will never ask for anything. Nothing is more important to me that time but to have a child of my own.

Months passed by, I got so busy at my work that I no longer think of it that much. We hold our faith tight, we surrender everything to Him, hoping God will listen to our prayers. He binds us even more with trust, respect and LOVE.

We chose to be happy all the time, making a new journey as husband and learn new things and make memories together. .then, I got pregnant! ..At last, He answered our prayer, no words can say how happy I am, and those happy tears began to fall. I believe it’s God’s special way to touch our hearts to be patient. Love will conquer all, as the saying goes.

Within nine months that I carry her in my womb, complications arise. Even during my operation, God puts us to the test. Both our lives are in danger. I had profuse bleeding that the doctors last option was to have me transfuse with blood. My baby turns blue once she is delivered and she struggles for breath. Fortunately enough, our doctors had prevented it from getting worse.

After my operation, I found it difficult to breastfeed my baby. The painful stitches of mine, barely moves my body. But seeing the angelic face of my daughter, gives me strength to hold and cuddle her..such a wonderful feeling.

I am still happily in love with my husband and daughter. They are my world, my everything!!

If we lose faith, hope and love with God, we will no longer feel this kind of happiness, an overflowing joy of being a parent. Truly, if we put God in the center of our lives everything will come into its rightful place.

Grace G. Razon

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