Coping Up with Postpartum Depression

“The broken will always be able to love harder than most because once you’ve been in the dark, you learn to appreciate everything that shines”

Last November 2019, I gave birth to my second child. It was different from the experienced I had with my first born. I lose weight and I started suffering post partum depression.

How do I noticed this emotional distress?

There are times I easily get angry even on small things. I lack of sleep, I eat excessively and I don’t feel talking to anyone and started of feeling lonely and cried without any reason. My husband silently observed my gestures, then he approached what’s going on? What’s my problem? He comforted me and let me express myself while I’m crying. He asked “What do you want to do?” Do what you think can make you feel better?

After that conversation, I began to do this things so I can help myself get rid of depression:

Seek God’s Guidance

Prayer is powerful. I always ask God’s guidance so I can surpassed this stage of my life. It’s okay to cry it all out to him and let him comfort you with the power of his love. God is truly our fortress and refuge.

Begin to Love Yourself

After giving birth, there will be many changes when it comes to your physical appearance. Others may noticed it negatively, but who cares as long as you begin to accept that every woman is created uniquely to be beautiful.

Express What You Feel

One of the best way I did to make myself feel better that is when I voice out my feelings and I am lucky enough to have a husband who have ears ready to listen and a heart who is willing to understand what I am going through. He supported me every step of the way, his love made me feel that I am not alone in this battle.

Do What You Love

Aside from stay at home mom, I started looking for new stuff to do. Since I am prospecting to hunt for job online even before, I continued looking for a online job last February. I am already a member of Filipina Homebased Moms group, I was truly inspired and motivated to land a job by reading the stories of mommies who are skilled enough to find a job online.

I prepared myself, I watched their free webinar on how to start working from home and it was a great help for us to know what we need to accomplish before applying.

I updated my CV online, I did my cover letters and made a draft of my website. I also enrolled one of their courses, General Virtual Assistance to improved and learn to new skills.

After doing updates, I checked my OLJ then I received a message from a client asking if I am interested for their open position as data entry. This made me even more excited, I immediately replied and scheduled me for an interview. I took their assessment and fortunately I passed but came across with my internet speed is too low as required, she asked me if I can upgrade it and I said yes but we need to wait for 2-3 weeks and she said it’s okay she will just put me on the waiting list.

I felt happy and thankful that time, I never thought I could still do things like this even now that I am mother of two.

For now, I am doing what I love most and busy on my VA course.

For all the mommies out there who are going through this, you are not alone. Think of your children and do what makes you happy. 😊

Written by:She Marie Dango

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