Your Plan vs God’s Plan

When I was a kid, I never thought that I will be pregnant at an early age. I have my specific goals in my mind, first, to finish my studies while doing my part-time (model), then to be a Certified Public Accountant and help my family. But it did not happen. While I’m taking my Accounting course, the first-year college, I got pregnant in my first child. Disappointment hits me so hard! I did not expect it to happen.

That moment, I really don’t know what to do in my life. I have so many question in my mind. Can I still continue my study? Can I still help my family? Can I still be an accountant? What will happen to my life? How can I help/grow my own child, if I’m still a no one? No degree. No job. No Savings, especially, No partner in raising my child.

Here are my 3 realizations why you should not give up in your life even your plan did not work out.

1.Your Family is your number one supporter

Your family will never leave you. They are the one who still believes in you, even you doubted your self. They will hold your both hand to tell you that you can still do what you want to do.

I’m so blessed that I have my family when I’m struggling, they are my support system at that time. They told me that my child is a blessing, that I shouldn’t be worry because they will help me to raise my child and they are with me at these unexpected times of my life. Of course, they are still disappointed with me, but they accepted it wholeheartedly. They love my child so much. We accept what life brings to us.

2. Believe in Yourself

You are the only one who will help yourself, that’s the truth! The people around you is just a BONUS! You are the one who can choose what you want to do in your life. Everything is in your hands. Believing yourself is the best thing that you can do in your life to succeed.

After I gave birth I decided to continue my study, Struggle is real! Students in the morning, Mother in the evening. I went to school even I don’t have enough sleep. When my child is asleep, I’ll do the homework, projects, etc. I shifted course because I want to graduate early to provide my child with needs on my own. I’m so thankful that my family is very supportive, when I’m in school they are the ones who took care of my child. I experienced many difficulties, there were times that I really want to stop and start working, but I’m always telling my self that I can! And the long wait is over, I finished my studies and got hired in the big company as an HR Assistant. I can provide my child’s needs while helping my family because it’s the time that I will pay them back.

3. Trust God

God is the writer of your life story. God is always in control. He knew your sacrifices, your problems, everything about you. The only thing that you can do is trust Him, trust the process. He will never put you in the situation that you can’t surpass.

Trust the Lord

The first words that come out to my mind when I gave birth to my child were “Thank You, Lord!”. The moment I saw her, I know that it is the beginning of the new chapter of my life. The one who completed my life, the answer to all my questions, and the reason why I should continue my life and make the most out of it. I know God is with me at that time, telling me that “all your struggles will come to an end, have patience and believe in me”. And every time I make decisions I always ask guidance to the Lord, and He never failed me. 

Now, I am married and gave birth to my second child. I know my life is in God’s hands, He will never forsake me. Always Trust the Lord’s plan in your life, and everything will be alright. God is Good, All the Time.

 “We may not see it now but God is in control and has a reason for everything.” – William Hemsworth

God’s Plan is better than your Plan

Written by: Jeneth Loterte

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