When my baby girl came to our life, to be honest, I do not know what to do. I have no idea at all. As a first time mom, I do what my mother or my mother-in-law tell me to do. Motherhood is hard. Especially that Post-Partum Depression hits after I gave birth. It feels that it isn’t me anymore. I had a very sensitive feeling, that hormonal changes made me so crazy. I cry every afternoon without a reason. However, those are normal for mommies who just gave life to a new baby. With the help and support of people around you, can you possibly manage to win over depression. Thanks to my love ones for being there 🙂

I am no expert of being a momma, but I made a list what I learned being a first time mom.

DISCLAIMER: Each mother has different experience. Below are only based on my experience.


They said, do not carry your baby, he or she might get use to it, you are not able to do house chores and you will be in big trouble. I said.. Naahhh! For me, my baby is more important than doing the house chores. A new born baby who is developing and not used to be in our world needs their mommy’s warm hugs, they need to hear mommy’s heartbeat, they need their MOMMY. Have you ever observed that once your baby cried and you carry them, they stop crying, their heart rate slows and they relaxed for physiological reason. So, yes, I carry my baby even my house is a mess, dirty and seems like no one is leaving because I cannot let her just cry and pacify herself or cry until she sleeps, or cry until I regret something. You cannot spoil them by carrying too much, pick them up and cuddle them.


Breastfeeding is the most natural and safest way of feeding your baby. It has numerous benefits for mom and your baby. The first milk in your breasts is called colostrum. It’s very rich in protein and antibodies that will help give your baby a great start in life. Thus, breastfeeding your baby should not be in doubt, you should give your milk plus determination to your baby.

There are so many myths about breastfeeding. Following them might bring a problem with your breastfeeding journey and can cause less milk production. At first, I was challenged. I was challenged by giving a formula milk to my baby because they said I do not have enough milk but the real thing is I have enough milk. Your little milk for your newborn baby is enough. Then, they said, breastfeed her 2 – 3 hours interval but the truth is I should breastfeed on demand. Breastmilk is easy to digest unlike formula milk so breastfed babies often feel hungry. Your breast is too small, you can not give her what she needs – nope! Not true. Breast size does not define on how much milk you could give to your baby and does not mean that you produce less than those with large size. Always remember that your milk is enough for your baby needs whatever your size is.

Not all mothers breastfed their babies for some reason. But to those moms out there who are in doubt of their milk production, my advice to you is to let your baby unlilatch. Unlilatch or to breastfeed properly as long aas she/he wants to is the key to produce more breastmilk.


As a new mom, it was difficult for me to understand why my baby is fussy or would nurse often than usual. My baby girl when she was a week to month old, she cries every now and then, felt like she was hungry all the time because she liked to be at the breast and suck, always wanted to be picked and carried, and cried when I put her down. In the end, I carried her a lot and gave her my breast, all day and night. Thanks again to my support group on facebook. I found out that my baby was having a growth spurt or developmental spurts.

Growth spurts is the time that the baby or older child goes through a phase in his/ her development where she/he has additional nutritional, physical and emotional needs. So momma, your baby needs you. Hurry pick her up and breastfeed her on demand 🙂


Some suggested to me that when your baby turned 4 months, you can give her food and then they stressed that they was told by their Pedia. I answered a simple nod and smiled to them, tried to be polite and humble.

When my baby turned 4 months, I went to thorough research on how to feed solid to babies to get a proper nutrition as what their age really needs because at 6 months, breastmilk is not enough to meet the nutritional needs of the baby, that is why they need a complimentary feeding.

Baby needs to eat by their 6th month, not on their 4th month nor 5th month or just a days before their 6th month. Why? Early introduction of solids  may result in illnesses and even death for babies. Introduction of solids may not choke a baby but it exposes baby to contamination risks, whatever her age, that may result in diarrhea, allergies, etc. A 6-month old is better equipped to recover from diarrhea than a 4 month old.

My baby’s first food was mashed steamed squash. Why not a Cerelac or a Gerber food or a commercial baby food?

“Imagine dipping your spoon into a bowl of sugar and feeding baby a spoonful or two, that’s essentially what you are doing when you feed your baby rice or grain based cereals.”

– Dr. Mercola.

I give my babygirl a steamed vegetables and fruits rather than cereals. It is way more better and more nutritious that any other processed foods from her 6th month until now, 10th month of her life. I like to make sure that my baby girl get the natural nutrients that makes her healthy, smart and active baby.

How I prepare my baby’s food? At her 6 month – 8 months, I steam and mash her food. Mash in order for her to exercise her jaw. I do not put salt and sugar on her food. Babies under 1 year old do not need salt and sugar on their diet and it is according to the standard of DOH and WHO. Too much salt intake may cause kidney problem and too much sugar intake may cause tooth decay and prone to diabetes. I do not give my baby a food with artificial taste, first reason is I want her to intake all natural, second is artificial taste can cause baby to become a picky eater – possible or not – not until she turn 1 year old.


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