Running Out of Face masks?

When Corona-virus started to become a hot topic all over the world, people panicked and started to buy alcohol and surgical face masks for their protection.  Most of the drugstores that sell surgical face masks are out of stock. There are online shops that sell face masks that are made of fabric, but a study shows that they are not as effective as those mentioned above.

Upon scrolling my newsfeed on Facebook, I saw Mayor Isko Moreno demonstrating a facemask made of acetate plastic. It is practical and economical because it is not only a good protection for the virus but reusable as well. Plastic bottles can also be used as an alternative. In this time of crisis, people are getting creative.

In his video, Mayor Isko showed how to make a face mask by putting a die-cut to acetate plastic and there, you already have a face mask.  You can also use plastic folders if you don’t have an acetate plastic,  there are a lot of ways, you just have to be resourceful.  Now start doing your own and ease that boredom away!

“No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the roads clear.” – Greg Kincaid

written by: Debbie Deynata

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