Quick Bohol Escapade

” You ain’t getting any younger, let’s travel and explore. “

We have planned several trips but nothing happened. Few days before the school year starts, out of nowhere my husband had an idea of going on a trip to Bohol. No plans but we just contact a friend in Bohol if we can rent their car for a day or two. My friend agreed and started packing for a weekend getaway. We woke up early to catch a boat trip at 6am in Pier 1. Kids are so excited and we never had an idea what would happen with the trip. We arrived at the port early and an hour after, we arrived in Bohol.

My friend fetched us at the port and rushed us to their mother-in-laws house where they lived. We had a quick breakfast and off to find a place to stay in Panglao. Since they are situated near Hinagdanan Cave, we got to visit it at first. After that, we asked our friend to let their kids join us but she’s hesitant to do so. We came to Alona Tropical Beach Resort and loved the view of the pool and the beach. Upon several push, my friend agreed to have her kids join us and we fetch them to stay with us. We got to to spend time for a swim until night with their friends, which kids love the most.

We ate by the beach and waited for the fire dancing event to take place. We got to see the place for a while waiting for the time. We indulge ourself to join the fire dancing and we enjoyed it.

Early morning, upon walking at the beach, someone asked us to have an island hopping and a dolphin watching. We agreed and few minutes later, off to the boat for an adventure ride. We are desperate to see the dolphins but they never came. After several tries, few dolphins came and danced near us. We went to several island included in the trip and went back to our place as the sun came shining upon us. We had a quick at the pool afterwards. We changed clothes and had a quick view of Bohol. We take a picture of the Sandugo Shrine.

We directly went to Butterfly Sanctuary and Snake Conservatory. Had to take a tour of the place and pose for souvenir.

Off to the road to see the famous Chocolate Hills. On our way, we had a quick pose at the Man-made forest and to the ship house.

We just pass at the Loboc River since we are in hurry to reach Chocolate Hills. We climbed several steps to reach the nice view of the Chocolate Hills. The stairs are under renovation so we got to watch our steps carefully. Had a quick pose before going back to our place and rest for the night.

Early morning, we had a quick dip at the pool before going to our friend’s house to return the car. We went again to Hinagdanan Cave and bought pasalubong. Before leaving, we had a quick lunch at their home and said goodbye and hope to be back. We had fun and promised to go back since we had few places we haven’t had time to visit. Till then Bohol. We will see you soon.

Debbie Bustamante

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