How Motherhood Changed Me

As a woman, motherhood brings out the best in us.

For the past years, I was busy doing my responsibilities as a daughter, sibling (Ate to my younger sister) and a student (who was trying to do her best to get a college degree).I spend more than 7 years working in an well known company  and I focus on my #1 goal that is to send my younger sister into college and it was a success .:)

After that, I was into a relationship for 3 years and decided to settle down.

Invitation and Pre-nuptial Shoot

Months before our wedding, me and my partner already learned about my pregnancy. It was one of the happiest day of our lives since finally we will be building our own “family”.

After learning that I already have a little one in my tummy, the first question I have in my mind, “Am I ready to take the responsibility as a mother?” Honestly, I am not that brave and strong enough when it comes to handling my emotions.

The day we have waited came, July 22,2017 at 5:26 pm, I gave birth to our first child, a cute little boy who captured my heart when I first saw him, when I heard him cry  and I finally held him in my arms.

I cried not because of the pain, but because of happiness.

Seeing your child grow is best gift to every mother, this has changed me and made me realized about different aspects of life such as:


I decided to quit my job and to take care and look after my child because he is already growing .It was really hard seeing your child chasing after you when you have to go out for work and I know every mother wishes to have the chance to take of their child especially when they were still little. I never doubt or think twice about this decision because it is for the sake of my child and for our family as well.

I learned to appreciate more

I learned to appreciate even little things that makes us happy. A hug and kiss from them, gesture of love and sweetness makes my heart melt.

I learned to be more patient

Tired of hearing their cries?

I thought, I am already a patient human but when it comes handling tantrums and emotional distress of my child I easily get angry. I tried to extend my patience since I know he is just still coping with everything around him. I started to read articles on how should handle this kind of situation without hurting my child’s feelings.


Before, I have to many plans for myself but now my plans and goals are for my child. I feel contented seeing my child growing smart and healthy, knowing that we still have food on our plates, giving the things that he needs as part of his growing, contentment in our hearts that we are joyfully doing our responsibilities as a mother.

Time Management

Doing household chores while taking care of my baby?

Not that easy, I have to manage my time and work as fast as I can so I can take care of my baby as possible. Getting him into sleep then that’s the time I do my chores, washing the laundry, cooking for dinner  before my husband get home from work and still have my “me time” even just a few minute.

I never thought that I could be this strong enough to handle every situation that comes in my way, as a mother, it made me realized that I was transformed into a woman I never thought I could be. 🙂

She Marie Dango


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