Glamping at Nurture Wellness Village

I first learned about Glamping from a travel blogger who has tried this in Sumilon Island, Cebu. I thought how cool it would be to camp in a tent with all the luxury a hotel room can offer.

I enjoy camping, and for me, it is always fun to be one with nature and sleep under the stars in a tent. While that is fun, it can also be a hassle – carrying around sleeping bags, tents and cooking equipments, using bags as pillows which are not very comfortable to sleep in, toilet problems, and so on.

Glamping, a combination of two words – glamorous and camping, is perfect to those who would like to sleep outdoors and still have the lavishness of a hotel experience.

Thank goodness, I won’t need to fly to Cebu because Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay, one of the best wellness spa in the Philippines, offers this service. 

I scored a cheap package from Dealgrocer, an online group buying site, for an overnight glamping for 2 for only P4,500. This package includes dinner, breakfast, 30 min massage, bonfire, use of pool, and Nurture walk. Ain’t that cool or what???!!!!!

We arrived at Nurture Village two hours earlier than our expected check-in time, which was 2 PM. We were greeted by the friendly staff at the reception area and served pandan tea as we fill out guest forms. While waiting, we entertained ourselves by playing chess, pool, cricket, and watch our son run around the kids’ playground.

At 1 PM, we were led to an open massage area for our 30-minute massage. Our options are face, head & shoulder, or foot massage. I chose the head & shoulder massage, and I tell you, when the lady was massaging my head, I felt like bursting into tears. That is how awesome it felt!

Since there were only two groups booked that time, we were each given our own areas to occupy. A private little place for ourselves. There are tables and chairs, and bonfire beside our tent. Shared bathroom and toilet are just near. An electric fan is available incase it gets hot. Inside the tent are a night lamp, super comfy beds, pillows, towels, and toiletries which I love. Oh, did I mention there is free Wi-Fi in the entire place?

At 6:30 PM, our personal butler (yes, he came with the package :P) lit the bonfire and prepared our dinner which consists of a platter of BBQ, rice, fresh fruits, and basil and pandan juice.

We spent the remaining hours of the evening chit-chatting, sharing stories about “anything under the stars”. With hearts filled with contentment, we all slept soundly that night.

It was difficult to wake up early the following day… the birds chirping and the rustling sound of the leaves lulled us back to sleep. 

Arrozcaldo, homemade bread, and freshly blended Kale juice are what welcomed us for our complimentary breakfast. They’re delicious!

I learned that Nurture Village has their own farm so most of the food served are their own produce.

The next few hours were spent simply chilling and cozying in bed until it was time to leave. Our first time glamping experience became totally memorable, thanks to Nurture Village. They made our stay so relaxing because of the ambiance, delicious home grown food, and friendly staff. 

I would definitely come back and recommend this place highly to anyone. 

by: Elle Caravana

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