Eggs for a Healthier You

Egg is life,” they say!

I was not into eggs, but then I came to a point in my life where I am forcing myself to get introduced to eggs. Allow me to tell you my story.

Diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Yes, that’s right! At first, I didn’t know what it is until it was thoroughly explained by my OB-Gynecologist. I was having symptoms such as irregular periods, cystic acne, and weight gain.


I stand 5 feet and an inch tall but I weigh 75 kilos when I got married. With my height, the ideal weight should be around 43 to 52 kilos. That was the highest weight in my entire life. I started having difficulty breathing, loud snore, feeling easily get tired, and etc.

Difficulty to conceive

I’ve had a miscarriage due to my condition. I was devastated since we’ve been trying to conceive for years. I was broken-hearted.

With all these conditions, I’ve already tried several ways to lose weight and even took medications. Unfortunately, nothing worked for me. I only get one and repeat advice from doctors – to lose weight.

Last year, I came across this community page on social media where they promote another way of eating. They are focused on a low carb diet together with fasting. Low carb diet that includes meat, egg, and seafood. During fasting hours, you can only consume green tea or plain black coffee without sugar or simply water.

I’m aware that the simplest way to lose weight is to reduce your daily calorie intake. I did some research and found out that one large egg contains only about 78 calories, yet is very high in nutrients. A meal consisting of 3 boiled eggs and vegetables contains only about 300 calories. This is a high-protein food that may help you feel fuller for longer and may also help you snack less between meals.

I also found out that a low carb diet is reducing carbohydrate intake which primarily found in sugary food, rice, pasta, and bread. This is where I started to also change my way of eating. At first, it was really hard. I get headaches, feeling dizzy, and sugar cravings. I get to cheat but when I noticed that there are no changes, I thought of having to be more disciplined and committed to my goal.

I had to be strict with my way of eating. Instead of rice, I replace it with at least two boiled eggs together with pork or chicken, or even seafood. I started to practice intermittent fasting. 16 hours fasting period and 8 hours for the eating period until such time that I am used to it and not really craving for food. I always feel full and whenever I get hungry, I simply drink lots of water to check if I’m really hungry or just thirsty. After a few weeks, people are starting to notice my weight loss. I noticed that my body is feeling energetic every day. In a span of 6 months, I lost a total of 15 kilos and it was really amazing! I’d never thought that I could do it.

Meat and eggs for feasting

I am currently at 60 kilos and sometimes 59. Though I have set a goal of 55 kilos, they say that I’m already looking good and that I can probably just maintain it. Just recently, during Valentine’s day, I received a gift from my husband. I thought it was really a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, only to see that it’s a box of Ferrero Rocher eggs. 😄

Valentine’s Day gift from my husband!
From 75 kg to 60 kg. Not yet at goal though.

Right now, I am really feeling great. I now have regular periods, a healthier skin, plus I didn’t get cystic acne anymore. It brings back my self-confidence and just preparing for my husband to come home from overseas work so we can start building a family… again. 😉

If I can do it, YOU can do it!

– Irene Bautista

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