My JOURNEY …Housewife-Working Mom

Full time housewife / Part time working mom at home


I have been a full time housewife since 2008 because of the favor of my husband. It is better to take good care of our child while he is working abroad.

I did not regret my decision because the result is priceless. I raised my son well.

My son is grown up now and he did not need much care than before so I decided to search for a job to help my family’s needs, even a part time job, like working at home.

I heard about online jobs or working at home through the internet, social media and even the television. I had an idea, this is the way it will work while I am at home. I had no idea about what is an online job or freelancer but, because this is the only job I can fit in, I studied on my own to learn what I need to work at home.

I also asked help from my close friend to train me on some skills that I will need in working online. I am thankful because she is kind and supportive.

She taught me first the basics, like how to navigate Google Sheets, CRM like Salesforce, Linkedin Sales Navigator and other tools that I will use because her target is to work for her as a data entry and lead generation assistant. While she is training me, I was afraid because I know that I am not a fast learner but what gave me the feeling of I will succeed is that I am dedicated to learn a lot for this job.

After all training she hired me as a part time lead generation assistant  from February 2018 to January 2020. All I learned from the training is that I am thankful for her because even if it is a part time job, this is a big help to me and my family. Working since 2018 I have saved a little amount of money. The hard work has paid off and added a meaning to my life.

For now I am still a working mom, taking care of my son and thinking what else I can do for the future.

“There will be so many time you feel like you’ve failed, but in the eyes, heart and mind of your child, you are super mom”

by: Leonita Dagdag

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