After Birth Struggle: Pelvic Girdle Pain

I remember back then during my pregnancy on how excited we were for what’s ahead of us. Feeling so optimistic that everything’s gonna be amazing and be on our favor. Of course, that’s all how parents should be. I remember trying to imagine how our baby would look like, whose features will she get the most, what’s gonna be her trait and other awesome things I looked forward to.

As a first-time mom, I can say that I have a pretty smooth pregnancy. Smooth in a way that every doctor’s appointment I had, went well. As we all know, routine tests and labs are done during pregnancy to make sure that the mother and baby are doing well. And fortunately, every test and labs I had was all normal. By God’s grace, I did not have any pregnancy complications. Though I know that every trimester has it’s struggle, like the ever exhausting nausea and vomiting during 1st tri, the strange feeling of the kicks and punches inside of the 2nd tri and the huff and puff of 3rd tri feeling like you just ran a marathon, I know I still had a great pregnancy.

But then finally the most anticipated day came. The day I gave birth. Whew! That was the most intense feeling I have ever been into my entire life. It was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced. All my strengths were not enough to compensate for the pain, feeling like I am about to die anytime. The pain was just unexplainable and beyond pain scale measure. However, once again by the mighty grace of God, by the support of my loving family and by the skills of the nurses and doctors involved, I and my precious baby made it.

And now officially, the unheard “fourth trimester” has now begun. The time of great change for me and my baby. And turns out though that it was the most exhausting, frustrating and stressful time of my life. Since it is the stage of newborn adjustments. Everything is NEW for her. Feeding is new. Digesting is new. Even breathing is all new to her. It took lots of my time from the demands of her feeding, swaddling and swaying her to sleep, stopping her from crying because of the gassy tummy, changing the diaper and other helpful ways for her to adjust calmly. Hence, I was slept deprive just like most of the new moms.

However, in my case, it wasn’t just that. We all know that after giving birth, moms are also recovering from the physical trauma of childbirth of which possible complications might happen. Unfortunately, I was one of the moms who got some serious problems after delivery. What I have is called Pelvic Girdle Pain.

According to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist, Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) is “pain in the front and/or the back of your pelvis that can also affect other areas such as the hips or thighs. It can affect the sacroiliac joints at the back and/or the symphysis pubis joint at the front. PGP used to be known as symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD).”

PGP affected my mobility and the quality of my life. I have trouble turning over on bed because any wrong move will cause me so much pain on my symphysis pubis. When I walk for some distance, I cannot tolerate it. Every time I go for grocery shopping, I used those E-carts that are meant for disabled persons to help me alleviate my pain. Even changing my underwear is hard work. I have to sit somewhere to dress up. As you can observe, all of these are part of a persons day to day activities and this makes me feel like I am doomed forever. It is extremely distressing. A lot of questions and uncertainties lingers on my head frequently. Will I be able to live normally again? Will I be able to go to work again as a nurse? Nursing jobs require mobility most of the time and this sickness would hinder it. So what now? Everything seems to be vague. I never imagined myself to be in this position. Who would, right?

This circumstance made me realize that being a mother would make and/or break you. Motherhood is not always a life of ease. Situations might happen that are beyond our control and sadly, I am in this condition that could probably change everything.

Right now, I am doing some pelvic exercises to strengthen my pelvis as prescribed by my physical therapist, especially on my sacroiliac joints where it is believed to be weak. I make sure that I do my exercise at least 2 sets a day. If my condition persists and won’t get better then I think it is time to look for other alternative medicine. But still, as of the moment, I am hoping and praying for my healing. I know God will rescue me. It might not be now but I know that day will come. Looking forward to a better life!

“Failures, turns and twists and adversities might break us down and lessen or morale completely. But even we should learn to take them in our stride and learn from every bad experience too.” – UNKNOWN

Written By: Hazel Lou Ortiz

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