We all know that parenthood is never easy and what more if you’re doing the job on your own as a single mom? Stressful, challenging and sometimes so depressing are just a few ways single moms describe their everyday lives and here are 3 of the best survival tips on how to be a rockstar single mom.

Learn to say “no”.

“I want my kids to be happy but I can’t buy everything my kids want.”, says Mommy Jen. “It’s so frustrating to tell them NO.”

We don’t have to be very strict about our finances with our kids, but it’s best to teach them to prioritize what matters in life. Help them to understand the value of every penny you have as family. If there’s something they have their heart set on, teach them to save or work hard for it.

Join Facebook mommy groups

“I joined different Facebook mommy groups,” says Mommy Patty, a mom of four. “It’s not all single moms, but it still works for me. It helps me connect with other moms. We share our struggles as well as our accomplishments of being a parent.”

Facebook groups help us connect with moms like Glam-O-Mamas, Smart Parenting Village, Breastfeeding Pinays, MOMpreneurs Club PH and a lot more. It might be tough to find an active local group made up of only single moms, but connecting to any moms will give you people to talk to when you need advice, have a question or just want to vent. 

Plan a “Me Time”.

“Make time for yourself,” says Mommy Debbie. “It’s so important and most of us won’t do it because we feel guilty.”

“It took other single moms telling me to do this, so I want to tell others to do it too,” says Mommy Vanessa. You need time without your kids. It helps you be a better mom in the long run and you deserve it, too.”

We rarely get time to themselves, but this “me time” can help us recharge and reorganize everything. This will help us be a better mom in the long run and we deserve it! Our “me time” doesn’t necessarily mean hop on a plane and travel, we can do it simply by getting a foot spa or whole body massage, window shop or watch Netflix. Making time to do something that is just for you is something you shouldn’t feel guilty about. Remember, as they say, “happy moms make a happy baby.”

“Being a single mom is twice the work, twice the stress, twice the tears, but also twice the hugs, twice the love, and twice the pride.”


Author: Katelyn Cee

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