My love story is not as perfect as Korea Novela, but we met just like how a love story of Korea Novelas starts.  Let me share a piece of my story. not so “kilig” but just the song says, this is how two people find each other.  

March 21, 2006, I went to Dubai to try my luck, and to find myself (as others called it after the break-up). And to move on from a broken heart. I broke up with my boyfriend for 7 yrs. Devastated and on my rebel self, I was ready to be the worst version of me.  2nd day of April the same year, my destiny also landed in Dubai. Pushed by his father and against his own will, he followed his brother to look for a decent job. After a month our path crossed!

One day I was rushing to bus station hoping to catch the bus, but I was late and go on with the next station. There are two “kababayan” also waiting for the bus. One approached and gave his CV to me and asked me to pass to anywhere there is hiring that I know. And tell him, “Oh, bigay mo din sayo”. And he gave his CV too. Upon reaching to where I worked, I gave their CV and call him after I gave their CV to inform. “Ang gwapo ng boses”, that is what I noticed. And after one or two days, he called again asking if I am free, because he has nothing to do and nowhere to go after church and that was his birthday. I don’t usually tell anyone where I live but I tell him it’s okay he can go to my place. It all started there.

Almost every day he passes by to where I stay. He washes my dishes, cooks for me, or bring something to eat. He even offers to do my laundry. Some things that my ex-boyfriend never did for me. I didn’t know that doing those things for me will eventually lead us to where we are now because during those times having a family is never in our plans. But as he was always telling me just go with the flow and I just with the flow. We were free and far from our family and we are careless.

Fast forward, we needed to go home because I was pregnant. Lost and confused asking myself. How can I start a family with the man I don’t love? He knew everything and I was very honest. And he said He can wait no matter how long it will take. Just don’t leave him and give him the family he wanted. I don’t want to stay with him. I don’t want to give him false hope. And asked me again to stay and be a family for our son even if I don’t love him and that was fine. Acting as a family, we are fine. we are OK. He always makes sure I can feel his love. He respects me, gave me everything that I never asked for. At home, he cooks, does the dishes and everything. My only job is to take care of our son and do the laundry. And stay with him is just enough. We fight and argue almost every day, I want him to get mad and freed me. But every time, I failed. He’ll just hug me and will tell me to stop because he knows I’m doing that to test his limit. Making sure, that will never happen. And finally, I gave up. And I gave in. I said to myself, this is my destiny. I met him at the right time and in the right place.  God never allowed me to do my plans. He sends me this man for a reason. I needed to embrace this reality and be with the family that I have right now. Not for him, but for our son.

After a year, I fixed myself and talked to him. I said, from that moment I will be the best for him. He thanked me and promised me that I will never regret that. And he is true to his promise. 14 years this year, he is still the same guy that I met in Dubai, he never changed. I never heard any complaints that he’s tired of doing things that I should be doing. I know he loves me more than I do.

We are not perfect. And he is even far from being perfect. We still have some petty fights but never had a major one. Our children never seen or heard us fighting. We always make sure that in every fight, every argument, every misunderstanding we never think of leaving each other. Separation is never an option.Because never met by chance, we are destined for each other.

Gods’ plan is better than ours. In every relationship and every hardship, we are the ones to fix our problems and we always have the right to leave or to stay. If we choose to stay, we must work hard for the best result. If we chose to leave, you will never know how good it would be to stay. And I am so glad and I am happy I stayed. That is our love story. 

-Andrea Burgos-

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