How to make Summer Vacation to be Amazing one

Summer is coming and a lot of us are already planning where to go and who’s gonna be with them during this time.

Me, I prefer to go to my husband’s hometown in the Visayas and be with his family the whole season. We enjoyed the beach and met the elders of their clan. Eat good food, meet new friends and roam around the province. We did really enjoy especially the month of May, it is the Fiesta month for the whole province. Every day, one town is celebrating their Patron Saints. And it really amazes me how religious the people are in the place and even one big quake cant turn their beliefs down. 

There are street dancing and the Battle of Beautiful ladies of every town. They had beautiful costumes and great dancers that surround them. 

As I loved and enjoyed staying in the province, I will share some tips about how we make our vacation meaningful, so you can try it too.

1. Plan a long vacation 

Whenever we decided to have a vacation, I always plan ahead and look for a cheaper airfare. In that case, you can save money and not spend too much in paying high priced tickets. Usually, airline company have seat sales several months in advance to your target date. Just be sure to be ready when the time comes for the seat sale because it sold too fast over the internet. Especially during summer. 

2. Bring Your Squad. 

Take your family with you or your friends. Traveling alone is sad and it is better to have a companion with you. Of course, it will serve a purpose if you bring someone to take the best picture for you. 

3. Capture every moment

This is very important to me, especially I have a toddler now. She is so active, that is why I make sure every moment is captured to create the best memories for the future. There are lots of nice views in Bohol and I am pretty sure you will love every place there. 

Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.”

— Unknown

4. Have a picnic with your family. 

Kids love to have a picnic and jump into the blue water. We make sure we have the best food for the occasion. One of the most favorite food to bring on the beach is kinilaw. Aside from that barbeque for kids and boiled banana with ginamos. And Of course, it is best if you are with the whole family and invites some friends too.

It is more meaningful if you enjoy every moment with your loved ones and have an amazing time together. We sometimes forget to pause and take a deep breath, that is why vacation is one of the best ways to refresh and recharge.  

Mary Ann Remolador

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