Raising a Kid having OFW husband doesn’t have to be Hard

Raising a family is difficult and challenging. As we wanted to be together as a family, my daughter grows with me alone because my husband is working abroad to support our financial necessities and to have a comfortable life. 

To make up his absence, my husband went on video calls during his rest day. He spent almost the whole day sharing stories about the happenings in our lives every single minute each day. When I’m busy doing errands at home my husband took time to assist with our daughter’s homework or projects. We made sure that the love, care, and support that we need for each other are always there. We let her feel our support and encouragement by allowing her to do the things that made her happy and tough like joining dance competitions at school, chess clubs, swimming lessons in the summer, collecting books and drawing.

More than toys and gifts, we spent quality time and made sure that being together for special events like birthday, anniversary, Christmas and New Year is memorable experiences. Attending mass together is one way of teaching our children how to be God-conscious, with the moral and with a sense of a responsible individual. Travel abroad and Hotel staycation is our way of creating unforgettable memories that someday she might share the story with her future family. With this, we would like to show her the value of time, money, love and respect for others’ cultures, opinions and wants.

Having an OFW husband is not easy, but we take this as a challenge. We always find time to talk regularly, stay involved and express our love despite the distance. Eventually, when we’re finally together as a family all the sacrifices will have been worth it.

Lea Garcia

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