My Unbelievable Journey To Breastfeeding

“Breastfeeding is the mother’s gift to herself and to her baby” 

Every mother’s journey is unique with set of challenges. It all started with just an hour or two after my c-section, the nurse brought my first baby and said, “Feed your baby”.

In my experience as a first-time breastfeeding mom, I would say there are lots of struggles before you will be able to produce milk for your newborn. I was completely clueless about breastfeeding. With my first, I could not produce. I would pump and try to breast to breastfeed but nothing comes out. I reached out to other moms with milk and let my child take their breast for my child to fill her tummy. As a mom, I felt disappointed and feel pity for my little one. Honestly, it was an awful experience. My baby wasn’t getting what she needed. In the end, I just gave my first child a bottle feed for her to supplement her feeding daily. I also delivered through a cesarean section, so I thought the medicines I take would warm my child. That’s the one reason also I decided to stop struggling from producing milk.

Baby two came around. What I did n my second child was, I took the supplements to produce milk months before my scheduled operation. Fortunately, my second child’s breastfeeding experience was much better. Part of this is because I had had more knowledge and experience, and prepared more prenatally the second time around. She latched well and in turn, my supply was better. To make up for it, I pumped a lot in between feedings. Then in a month or two I no longer pumped more and take supplements. It was really a great journey. It was really important also to have a supportive family. I’d advise first-time moms to plan to breastfeed for a lactation consultation before going into labor. And it is really important to find a pediatrician that is knowledgeable enough when it comes to breastfeeding.

I’m glad I chose to breastfeed my second child for 18 months. I would say I will be glad to do it again for any future child I have. Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for your child but also to you as moms.

I hope this Blog would help a lot for moms that are also still struggling to Breastfeed their babies.  

-Ann Marie Verde

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