My Crochet Journey

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.

– Elder Uchtdorf

It started in 2017

My love for crochet started during my first pregnancy. When the ultrasound reveals that we were having a baby girl it was an instinct to make something for my little one. Influenced by the fact that I grew up watching my grandmother create tons of crochet projects I began creating my first crochet project. While waiting for my little one to pop, I’ve spent most of my time studying crochet patterns on YouTube and buying different kinds of yarns, hooks and crochet accessories.

Crochet baptismal dress

My first project

Crochet baptismal outfit for my little one. The bonnet and the top part of the dress are crocheted using a cotton yarn while the bottom part of the dress is my wedding veil.

My little corner

Crocheting became my comfort zone when the tasks of being a first time mom overwhelmed me, whenever I feel I’m not doing enough as a mom, when my day come and go without anyone to talk with and when I look at myself but can’t see me anymore. I would spend little time every day crocheting because seeing my finished project gave me a sense of accomplishment. Amidst the chaos of my everyday life, I look forward to making my project – my stress reliever.

Two and a half years later

After doing dozens of projects, learning lots of patterns, experimenting on different kinds of yarns and hooks I can say that I’m an expert in crochet now. I’ve also found my crochet niche which is crocheting shawls made of cotton yarn.

I have two kids now (2 and a half years old and 9 months old) and is still having a hard time with this thing called “motherhood” but I know I will always have my little corner where I know I’m good at and where I can have my peace of mind.

These shawls were named after our grandmothers – a simple tribute for making our world a little softer, a little kinder and a little warmer.

Anne Ilagan

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