FURever Family

Do you have a pet? Did you know that there is a benefit of having a dog, a cat, a bunny or any other kinds of pets? They can make you feel more happier when you’d have a bad day, they always try to make you feel in a better mood.

Keeping your furry friends around can actually benefit your health. Owning a pet is known to improve the quality of your life, both mentally and physically.

Having a pet in your home can actually lead to a wellness boost on an emotional and social level. We all know pets are great companions, but what most of us don’t know is that pets, especially dogs and cats, are known to decrease risk of heart attacks, lower blood pressure and decrease stress and anxiety.

Unlike those people without pets, they think that something’s missing in their life. I knew a friend whose not into pets because she don’t like the furs in the couch or in the bed or all over her house. She got a boyfriend, good job and she stated that she’s happy and never argue with her boyfriend, but then she told me that her life seems dull.. Then I gave her a wonderful advice from a friend to get a pet and so she took that advice. Year later, i contacted her, asking how she’s doing. She said her life changed since she took a dog from the shelter. The dog gave her the best smile she could ever had in her existence, she thinks she found her purpose by adopting that dog. That dog for her is a symbol of unconditional love. She felt the love that she thought she could never feel on someone else, not her boyfriend, not her friends but to her furbaby.

People can easily betray and judge another people. Even our own family would betray us but not our pets. They are ones who knows the real meaning of love, loyalty, acceptance and faith no matter what your status in life is, wether you live under the bridge or in a mansion, even when you scrub the toilet for a living or owned a hospital in the city it doesn’t matter to them, but you and only you only matters to them.

But people nowadays is more attracted to the pure breed dogs than to the local dogs. It shouldn’t be like that, for local ones also deserved to be love, they’re as lovable as to the pure breed dogs. So many stray dogs today is at the pound waiting for their last breath and it saddened me because its not even their fault where they are and why they’re strays and they don’t even have a choice. It just happened that their owner doesn’t care less. So I hope that each one of us can get an education on how to raise or take care of our pets before we even get one because pets are not just our bestfriends but they are also FAMILY.

Here’s a short story about my two loyal girls:

Well, I had a dog once and she’s my very first pet. I named her Mocha coz she had this light brown color that looks like a mocha. I was just 12 when I had her… But our situation is not like any other hooman (human) choosing their pets. Ours is the other way around. Its more like she chose me to be her hooman. You see, my mother’s dog got 5 puppies and one of them is Mocha. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her but then mom said we couldn’t have any more pets in the house and I was just too young to have that kind of responsibility, she said, and so we found each one of them their FURever home. My mom asked me to take Mocha to her new home which is more than 3 kilometers away that morning. So sad to bid goodbye to her and there’s nothing I can do but to wish her well. Later that afternoon as I took a nap in my room, I heard this little puppy crying excitedly approached me. It was her! My Mocha is back! how in the world did she even got home and is inside my room? Tears of joy! My mom doesn’t know as well and as surprised as me. And thats the start of our journey. She protected me always on my tail the whole time. She is so amazing. 10 years of service. I was in pain when she passed, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat. I lost the only someone who is my best friend and who understand me with all that I am. I was depressed. Then mom gave me another dog that looks really a lot like my Mocha, named her Bibbles. I know I couldn’t replace her and she is always and forever in my heart but I feel her presence in Bibbles. I know she’s always watching. Days passed, as I said she is really like my Mocha, Bibbles did her job really well. comforts me, stayed by my side, making sure she makes my day better and even guarded my kids well. She also passed away last December 2019. They will always and forever in my heart and I will remember them everyday because they’re not just a pet, they treat me like a mom, a family to them so for me, they’re more than a pet, they are FAMILY.

This is my Bibbles. She’s really old at that time. This photo is taken last year april 2019. She passed away last dec 2019. I missed her so much.

Karen Lynn Barriga

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