Apayao – Cordillera’s Last Nature Frontier

Planning your next trip going North this summer? Many of you may have heard and even toured to various provinces and scenic spots on this side of the Philippines. Tested your taste buds to various delicacies and sumptuous menu of each unique region has to boasts. Yet, desiring to explore more and collect new memories? Come, level up your travel plans and visit this young but flourishing province of Apayao.


Kalinga-Apayao has been twinned and combined for numerous decades until on February 14, 1995 finally this was splitted into two independent and progressing provinces. Apayao is composed of 7 nature-preserved municipalities; Luna, Conner, Kabugao, Sta. Filomena, Calanasan, Sta. Marcela and Pudtol. Its oldest inhabitants is called the Isnag or Isneg with a rich and distinct culture and traditions to flaunt.

The SAY-AM Festival is known to be the most spectacular celebration happening every February 14 of the year is the best season for the province as they hold various sports activities, pageants, street dancing competitions, local product and food exhibits, float parade contests and many more. The festival usually runs for a week and being attended by honorable officials and guests from other nearby provinces. Therefore, considered to be the best time of the year to visit Apayao.

4 Breathtaking Spots to Visit

1. Dupag Rock Formation

Put your bravery into a test by engaging into this challenging rock climbing adventure. An array of limestone slab is situated at barangay Marag, Luna. The Dupag Rock measures around 7-8 feet high and clambering to its peak which is known to the locals as the “Father Rock” will surely take your breath away as you witness the nature’s preserved creation. It is required to all tourists to gear themselves up with body harness and support before launching into this thrilling activity. The terrain of Dupag Rock became a sanctuary of the Isneg tribe and mutineer during the colonization of the Spaniards. Hence, this area was hedged with its rich historical events.

2. Calanasan Philippine Eagle Sanctuary

This captivating dwelling place for the Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle is situated in Calanasan. The vast lowland forest of Apayao provides a safe home for this critically-endangered species and ensures the longevity of its existence and survival. As of today, there is a total of 25 eagles documented living in the area. This forest also hosts a wide variety of species such as flora and fauna including the Northern Luzon Cloud Rat and Giant Rafflesia flowers can also be spotted around. Just bring with you a heart full of patience as these creatures are very elusive and innately hide themselves from the eyes of the travelers.

3. Girgira Falls (Twin Falls)

Looking for an inspiration on your next Instagram post? Search no further as this next scenic spot has it all! Known to be the largest discovered waterfalls in Calanasan, this body of water, measures around 30 feet high almost equal the size of its twin. Plunge in to the pristine water pool of Girgira Falls that is twice as big as an Olympic swimming pool. Bask under the morning and afternoon sunshine, feel the tranquility of this place and let the cascading sound of water relax your senses.

4. Mt. Kilang

Indulge yourselves to a majestic view of this famous mountain landscape along Solsona Road in Calanasan. This is considered as the highest pinnacle of Apayao which can overlook even from its nearby province – Ilocos Norte. Mt. Kilang’s height is approximately 1,656 meters above sea level. To optimize the viewing conditions, all tourists are being advised to visit the place between 4am – 5am as this is when the grandest façade of mountain can be seen. Feel the fresh breeze coming from nature’s mist and don’t forget to capture the celestial beauty of this site.

Affordable Accommodations in Apayao

Invite your friends, family and loved ones to a various affordable and comfortable lodging houses and hotels around the province. For our complete listings, kindly refer to this link : Click Here

How to get to Apayao

The easiest and fastest way to get to Apayao is to book a flight with Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific bound for Laoag City in Ilocos Norte or Tuguegarao City in Cagayan Valley. Transportation Fee is nearly P2,000 per person. Both airports have vans and jeepneys bound for Luna, Apayao, which is 3 to 4 hours away. If you opt to travel by land which is way more affordable is to take a bus to Apayao through any of the bus lines below. Fare from Manila to Apayao is around P700 per person while the travel time can take up to 12 hours, depending on the traffic condition. It is recommended to take a night trip schedule to avoid heavy traffic and massive influx of other passengers.

Manila to Luna bus lines:Rivera Transit, RCJ Lines, Northstar, and Florida

Manila to Flora via Tuguegarao City: Ballesteros Liner

Manila to Tuguegarao City: Victory Liner, Baliwag Transit, Dagupan Bus, Auto Bus, and Genesis

Baguio City to Conner: GL Transit

Baguio City to Pudtol: Gabriel Transit

Tuguegarao City to Kabugao: G. Bros Liner, KATODA Van, and Young Brothers

Tuguegarao City to Pudtol: PUTODA Van and Chona Patrick Bus Line

Tuguegarao City to Conner: COTODA Van and G. Bros Liner

Tuguegarao City to Flora: FTODA Van and Cabulisan Bus Line

Contact details:

For further information, you may coordinate with Ms. Rebekah Mamba of the Provincial Tourism Office of Apayao.


All photos used are credited to its rightful owners.



Prepared by: Caroline Vivian Bulut

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