My 2nd Pregnancy after 10 long years.

Ten years ago I got pregnant on my first child at the age of 20 and gave birth at 21, I was naive and jobless. Few steps after teenage life, like some normal family trials and difficulties, are part of daily living, and that time, for me, the justification of choosing the wrong action is recognized as acceptable and correct resulting a lot of difficulties, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but as how they say it “keep moving forward”. As time goes by, my partner (now my husband) and I, strive for the right things to do to improve ourselves for our child’s future, I went to college (thanks to my mother who still keep believing in me) and he continued to work to support my pregnancy, and the rest was history.

I cannot even believe that my eldest was already 10 years old and now I have a 6-month-old beautiful baby boy, I gave birth to my youngest child like it was just yesterday the doctor announced that I am pregnant again. We are using a family planning method for quite a very long time and the moment that I removed it a couple of months after, I conceived.

I want to share with everybody that pregnancy never occurs the same symptoms and outcome with the same “mama”. During this pregnancy I’ve experienced everything like it was my first time, all things were unfamiliar like for example I supposed to have morning sickness and cravings like what I‘ve been through before.., surprisingly there’s not.

What did I feel? I feel exhausted, got easily tired with unexplainable pain that keeps me irritated and my body was demanding to stay in bed the whole day and I don’t mind not eating as well… like wait?!, this is not what I am expecting!, that is why I’ll make sure to visit my OB Gynecologist for a monthly check-up, this is a natural thing to do especially that I am not on my best poise with this pregnancy (always feel groggy ugh!).

The first ultrasound happened in 8 ½ weeks with an impression of Subchorionic Hemorrhage and Polycystic ovaries, sounds scary? Yes, it was. I am working on an office-based job, just a short distance from our house, but still, need to have bed rest as soon as possible due to spotting. Taking up vitamins and medicine at the same time is overwhelming, this happened due to the risk of threatened abortion, which explains spotting. I take almost 8 to 10 tablets and capsules on average a day! whoa! I also got 2 shots for 2 consecutive days on my left shoulder (ouch!), it is prescribed by my doctor for an early intervention just in case I delivered him prematurely (oh no..) so there will be a high chance of survival, these shots will make his lungs matured enough quickly to be strong and functioning. I need to follow more ultrasounds almost every month to monitor my baby to avoid complications. As a minimum wage earner, it cost me and my husband a lot of money, but it’s a must! so my baby and I will become stronger and healthier each day under this threatened circumstances. There is no amount of money when it comes to the lives of your loved ones so be it. Factors involved for having this “preggy” journey between my first and second pregnancy was discussed by my doctor to make me aware why there is a need to undergo different process and procedure, it will help me and my baby to go through this without any fear of having a “gloomy” outcome. Well, at the end of the day, you just need to follow and listen to your doctor’s advice, also, at least, do some research about your current situation, it will make you optimistic to look forward to good results. I’ll also keep reminding myself that God never sleeps, He always listened and stayed by my side in every pain… in every sadness… in every worry… in every battle. Prayers and prescriptions are perfect combinations 🙂 and at last, the right time has come.

  Under “induce labor” process I stayed at the hospital for almost 4 days, which make me feel like a year, again, it was the opposite of my first delivery which goes painful but fast and I just stayed for 1 day, and what I’ve been through in this four days are longer and more painful. It was August 15, 2019, when I heard it for the second time, the loud and tiny voice crying, I told myself that I and my little one did a great job.

I can’t wait to have a happy and colorful life ahead with the new handsome member of our family.

In this pregnancy, only my husband witnessed all the pain and tears that I’ve been through. I don’t show it in our family members, I don’t share everything with my office mates and you will not see any post on social media from what dilemma I am having that time, this is my way to have more focus on the situation and to make it smooth and peaceful. No bulk of questions hanging around so I don’t need to explain myself in every person, in every post, in every comment, in every minute… this social demand can add up on my stress to make me and my baby suffer even more (nope!), well the other good part of it is you can completely tell them the whole story after, together with the happily ever after, right? We are in a modern era where technologies are unstoppable to paddle up and social media are part of daily living, but sometimes when we are facing our battle it is ok to keep just a certain number of people to fight with you, choose the best ones. Believe me, it is the right choice I’ve ever made.

My husband

I choose to stay low, only my family, loved ones and two closest friends at least have an idea for the underlying story within this pregnancy and I thanked them for all the love and support, especially to my beloved husband, hugs, and kisses to you, honey!.

Every baby in every journey is worth fighting for.

Let us all continue to celebrate a life full of hope, love, and happiness, by the grace of God, who always listens and provides what is best for us, we can enjoy life to the fullest!

Written by:

Ma.Christina Torres Bien of Muntinlupa City

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