Condo living is now a trend to young families living in the Metro. It offers great comfort when it comes to accessibility to most shops and transportation. On the hand, living in a compact space maybe a challenge with a growing baby. You cannot stop a child from growing and exploring. Here are some tips you can consider to help you prepare your child’s environment.

Play is the work of the child.

-Maria Montessori

1. Create an open space.

This will promote movement and for independent play. Best to add mirrors within his height to let him see himself. Invest in a good quality mat to lessen possible bruises. This is actually for your peace of mind. But remember, trust your child.

2. Use your bathroom/balcony for sensory play.

For Bathroom activities, why not a bubble bath in a baby tub or if really lacks in space you can try it with a basin! Babies enjoy playing bubbles and water too! If painting is too messy, why not try it where you can easily wash it off? Let your baby paint the walls in the shower using brush or even his hands! This could add on to your regular routine and will surely excite your little one.

If your condo has a balcony no matter how small, you can take advantage of it by creating a small garden and let your baby water the plants. Use a small watering can or a spraying bottle. If you want to level up the game, a composting bin will surely entertain and educate him.

3. Use a stool instead of learning tower.

A learning tower provides access for the little one in the kitchen. He can help himself go up to see what’s happening in the kitchen counter. He can assist in preparing food and even help you cook! It’s amazing when he can practice this practical life skill but if you live a studio unit where the only walkway is the kitchen area, you might want to reconsider buying a learning tower. Try using a stool first so he can reach the counter and observe. The downside of this is he needs help in order to be able to stand on the stool but in my case, my 19 months old was able to discover how he can go up the stool on his own! But, still keep an eye on the little one cause the stool might wobble.

18 months old, observing in the kitchen. He knows he cannot touch the pan because it’s hot

18 months old baby is using a kid-safe knife. He tries to slice a potato on the kitchen counter.

4. Customize your furniture.

Every inch is considered when furnishing a condo unit so if you’re planning to add a functional kitchen, you might want to consider customizing. Find an enough space and make the adjustments. Ours was placed parallel in the kitchen. It serves as his kitchen and grooming cabinet.


Lastly, the only secret of living in a tiny space. Keep only the materials your child usually interacts with and ofcourse, keep the “good investment” materials especially if you are planning to have another child in the future. Do not keep 2 or more same materials. With the kind of technology we have and with the help of social media, decluttering is so much easier! It’s just one post away!

There are a lot of ways to create a prepared environment for your child. You just have to be creative and rearrange some things around the house. It took me 10 months before I’ve come up with our current set-up and I couldn’t be any happier.

But no matter how big or small your home is, the most important thing for a child is that you join him play. Read a book together while lying down on the bed. Be with him while he plays on the mat. Just sit beside him or be there him. That means a lot.

Written by: Caitlin Anne Javier

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